Creating custom pages in the help center

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  • Niclas Kårlin

    Unfortunately we do not have permissions checks like those you describe. It is possible to use access JavaScript and call into e.g. the users REST API to get information about the current user.

    Taking notes about your request to have more built-in permissions handling in custom pages and/or in the templating language.

    Why is {{#if signed_in}} not working in custom hbs, like it does in all the other hbs templates?

    Are there other helpers which does not work?

  • Adam Ashby-Clarke

    Tetiana Gron

    Hi everyone,

    Some of you mentioned that custom pages you created didn't exist. Custom pages is an Enterprise feature. If you have Guide Professional you can still create and preview custom pages. If you want to have custom pages as part of your help center, you'll need to have Guide Enterprise. 

    This is so infuriating.  We are a small business and was hoping to use custom pages in our HC to get around some of the limitations of the guide, namely being able to display custom content for our logged in users such as their purchase history of custom objects.  Unfortunately we have no need for 90% of the enterprise features and simply cannot warrant doubling the cost of our instance to move from Growth to Enterprise just to enable this.  Our only choice now would be to try and hack this with articles but its certainly not as nice...

  • Rajan

    add Custom page doesn't allow to upload .html file then how we can create a custom page in html instead of .hbs?

    Jennifer Rowe

  • Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Rajan the file format of Help Center theme templates including custom pages is .hbs which is the files we input in our serverside rendering engine. In the .hbs files you can use HTML, JS, CSS, Curlybars etc.; what is rendered to customers is an HTML page.

    So if you have written a custom page as an HTML document in a theme you want to upload, all you need to do is to rename it to a .hbs file.
    If your theme is already uploaded you can just create a blank custom page and paste all the HTML code and save it.

  • Veselin Vladimirov
    Hi everyone,
    I get this error when I create a new cusom_page.
    Why is this happening?

  • Rajan

    Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen What about the assets linking? Where should I upload them and How to access them?

  • Viktor Osetrov
    Hello Veselin,
    Please accept my apologies
    Could you please double-check your account rights? Ideally, you should be the admin/account owner for these types of changes. 
    Also, I realized that you have multiple accounts, it would be worth knowing for which account you have configured the changes. 
  • laaaarsi

    I have a question is it possible to create a custom page lets call it "categories" and in this I display all categories like in the basic template? We do not want to display the categories > sections > articles on the starting page but as mentioned in a sub page. Can you confirm that this is (not) possible? As far from what I have read is that I cant access any object within a custom page, but this seems quite a limitation I think


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