How do I update Help Center articles with the API?

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  • Alisha Strawbridge

    Hi there, That link on Translations brings me to a 404 - not found.

  • Kat O'Toole
    Hi Alisha, 

    Thank you for raising the broken link with us, we are looking into this now and will have this fixed soon. 
    In the mean time you can view the correct translation end point link HERE.


    Kat O'Toole
    Zendesk Support
  • James Ratcliffe

    When I update a translation with the API, the changes are published immediately. Is there way to update the translations without publishing? Thanks in advance.

  • David Lowe

    Hi James,

    I'm afraid that we don’t (yet) have an API to do proper content production, which would assist with this scenario of updating translation content.

    My apologies for the inconvenience on this one!


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