Announcing content blocks, a simple way to create, manage, and reuse content

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  • David Bjorgen

    It's a step in the right direction. However, Content Blocks won't be useful until they can:

    • Contain mixed content (images, tables, the ability to add CSS styling such as divs and classes, etc.)
    • Be editable using the source editor
    • Be managed in a central location
    • Be reused across multiple brands
  • Don

    Agree with what David Bjorgen said, especially images and central location.


    Enabling the content block is also adding ID tags to all Header(H1, H2, H3) and there's no way to remove it. It's interfering with one of the js features we run on the page.

  • Mike Jang

    + 1 for David Bjorgen's comment. 

    As for a "central location", it'd be helpful to set up common content blocks from a source such as a Git repository. A Git source _might_ also help address Don's issue with ID tags.


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