Understanding automated bot response behaviors

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  • Cheeny Aban
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Datateam! 

    I can see that one of our colleagues is already assisting you with regard to this concern. Rest assured that we'll do our best to help you with your inquiry. 
  • KROB

    Zendesk really needs the article recommendations to ask for feedback after recommending the articles. Having it automatically ask the "Was this helpful?" step and give the option for "Yes, my question is answered" vs "No, I still need help" would be both more helpful for our customers and also helpful for reporting purposes. This should be a standard feature and it should be included in the data in the Explore report for article recommendations.

    The main issue here is that customers do not understand or know that they can still ask for help after getting the article recommendations since they're not being prompted. They just think the bot is "hanging up" on them and then they think they can't get any help, which is a pretty serious issue for something that is supposed to be more helpful to customers. Because of this, we've had to turn off Article Recommendations until there's a fix on this.

  • Jason Kral

    Please add a new step option for "Search Guide Articles" which triggers a full search against Guide. 

    The bot often gets confused if it can't find an Answer with a matching search term, and when "Recommend help center articles" is checked, it will often show articles which are completely irrelevant and off topic. 


    This would allow us to add the step for "ask if question resolved" after Help Center article searches, 

  • Walter

    Jason Kral have you had a chance to see these tips?

    The above screenshot is at 1:15 into the video.  Following these tips may help improve the Recommended articles.  Also, you may want to consider adding labels to the articles.

    About the Answers, how many do you have set up in your instance?  How many training phrases have you set up for each Answer?

    I agree that having another step option for Searching Guide Articles would be a great addition.

  • James

    As per KROB's reply on July 7, 2023, when using the "Recommend help center articles" option, sure, it will present some articles to the user if it matches any, but then nothing else - there should be an option to ask the user if the articles helped, or provide a button to another "answer" so it can then step in to an answer bot flow.

    So basically, how we present the user with the next step after it has recommended the matched help center articles?

  • Jordan

    Whats the ETA of asking if an article recommendation was helpful? Such a poor customer experience the way it is set up now. This is low hanging fruit the Zendesk team should easily recognize and fix.

  • James Molina

    When will restricted (segmented) articles be available in the search function?  They are available within "Suggesting restricted help center articles in a bot answer".

    This delivers a very different experience for a requester within a flow in a widget vs. the search of the widget.


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