Can Flow Builder display articles from a non-public help center?

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  • Morgan King

    It would be a great help if there was a setting configuration to allow the articles to be able to be used. We were looking into using this feature (messaging / flow builder) for our internal knowledge base and will not be able to since our knowledge base is behind a user segment. I've posted a feature request of this nature

  • Katherine Isaac

    This seems like a huge limitation.  For Help Centres which require sign in, we can't use Flow Builder.  It would be great if we could add authentication in Flow Builder.  This would allow users to login, create an account, or choose whatever options offered.  Without it, the bot is pretty limited and un-useable. 

  • Riccardo Centomo

    Hi Miles Ilog i think this article is in conflict with the article "Authenticating end users in messaging for the Web Widget" that offer the ability to autenticate the user and so to let work the answer bot flow builder?


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