How can I report on the volume of recovered tickets from the suspended queue?

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  • Meg Gunther

    So when using this Metric my results appear to only reflect tickets that were in the deleted queue and then recovered.  I know I should be in the hundreds for items that are hitting the suspended queue and being approved for a specific group. However, I do not see any of those tickets.

    When reading through the article you posted I saw the below snip. 

    Recoveries The number of deleted tickets that were recovered. IF ([Changes - Field name]="status" AND [Changes - Previous value]="deleted") THEN [Update ID] ENDIF

    So I tried to modify the Metric but realized that I am unsure what the status value of a suspended ticket is, if it even has one.

    I tried just using "suspended" as the field value but 0 results.

    IF ([Changes - Field name]="status" AND [Changes - Previous value]="suspended")    THEN [Update ID]  

    do you know what Field name or previous value would be used for suspended tickets.

    Example of data i am trying to reflect on - one of our groups emails are constantly stuck in the suspended view since they are automated (Netsuite) emails. I want to be able to quantify how many of those emails are being approved, so that we can justify modifications to the current process.  


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