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  • Mike Konstantin

    Is it possible to have it so it doesn't require my personal GMail account, since that is not associated with my Zendesk profile in any fashion? I tried to use my work email, and it states it must be a GMail address.


  • WRO Jacuk-Zurak, Marta


    Is this EAP for suggested macros, is it for the English language only or other too?


  • Monika Vogel
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Mike Konstantin

    Thanks for letting us know. I changed the form to not require your work email to get connected with GMail. Let me know if you face further issues. 

  • Monika Vogel
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi WRO Jacuk-Zurak, Marta

    The email will be in English at this stage, however we strive to deliver content suggestions in any language which your agents write comments in. I recommend that you sign up, and then we will reach out once we can offer suggestions for you. 


  • Montana Steele

    hi Monika Vogel i'm very interested in signing up for this EAP. we are an enterprise multi-brand account, and i have just a couple questions before signing up: 

    1. it seems like the primary functionality of the EAP is to provide a report on what suggested macros would be if the feature were live, and we as admins are to give feedback on the accuracy of the suggested macros. is this accurate? 
    2. If this is accurate, great! that's really all i need to know. 
    3. if this is not accurate, and in signing up for the EAP, the suggested macros feature would be live in our account for agents to see, can you let me know how effective it is with multi-brand? how likely is it to suggest macros for the incorrect brand? 



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