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  • Sydney Neubauer

    Has it been updated where you can bulk move triggers to categories? We have hundreds of triggers and either dragging/dropping or using the API is not a realistic alternative.

    I also do not see the option to "edit order" where you could select move to top, move to bottom, or select position. 

    Right now, you have to manually scroll to find your trigger then drag and drop its location. If you search for the trigger using the search function, you are not able to move that specific trigger. You will need to manually look for it again which makes searching for it first, pointless

  • Luke Aleo

    When the Trigger Categories are enabled automatically by Zendesk, will Zendesk also create a Category? We also have hundreds of triggers.

  • Reshma Patel

    Agree, we only have about 250 triggers and I am currently in the process of setting up categories and moving triggers in our lower environments and it has been taking me 3+ hours to make the change in each environment. The drag and drop with scrolling gets annoying. The errors when moving triggers that are broken are even worse as it completely undoes all your work if you hit that error.  It should instead just skip the trigger that is broken. I would recommend moving smaller batches of triggers into a category and frequent saves after each move.  

  • Diogo Maciel
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Syd! At the moment unfortunately this functionality is not yet available. I understand this is a request that would improve the experience for many clients and marked this as a product feedback, which means that your input will be aggregated as a part of our Voice of the Customer program that provides customer feedback to our product development teams.
    In addition, I encourage you to create a new post in the General Product Feedback topic in our community to engage with other users who have similar needs and discuss possible workarounds. Conversations with a high level of engagement ultimately get flagged for product managers to review when they go through roadmap planning.
    Specific examples, details about impact, and how you currently handle things are helpful for our product teams to understand the full scope of the need when working on solutions. You may also want to review the Product feedback guidelines and how to write an effective feedback post [].

    Thank you for helping us to make a better Zendesk!
  • CREDO Mobile

    FYI, you can move in bulk using the checkboxes on the individual triggers then selecting the "Move to Category" button that appears at the bottom of the trigger screen (as long as you don't have any errors).  But BEWARE. Personally...I've found the order is NOT preserved despite what I was told in a ticket by Zendesk support. 

    The triggers I moved this way in our sandbox (to be safe) ordered by create date within the category instead of preserving the existing order.  So I have opened another ticket with support (but have yet to hear back).  

    Also, question:  the announcement said the rollout was March 31 but this article says April 4.  Is it really April 4?  The trigger page in my account still says Mar 31

  • Sydney Neubauer

    CREDO Mobile That functionality is new! It definitely was not there when I made my comment. It looks like they are working on adding the functionality. I was also told that the order was to be preserved when moving triggers (but it was to move to the bottom of the category).

    Keep us posted on what you find out! I have yet to test the new functionality


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