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  • Daniel Velasque

    We have noticed that the flow does not start if you receive an image or a voice message as the first message from the client.
    Many people do not start a conversation flow by writing a text that says "hello" or another text, they directly send an audio or an image. It would be great if the flow would start automatically when faced with these non-text events. Is it possible to have that improvement?
    Agurated your comments to know what to respond to my clients.

  • Tony
    Hi Daniel,
    thank you very much for your suggestion. I assure you, your feedback is heard, and our team will have a look at it.
  • Jahn Bronilla
    Community Moderator

    Hello Team, we do have different kind of customers (based on class eg., a,b, & c). Is there a way or chance that this Zendesk native bot can identify that?

    First thing is the Intent but can't see anywhere if there's like a condition where to set if the customer is for example a VIP. 

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Jahn,
    The bot does not have the capability to determine any form of customer type or tags. You can utilize tags in Flow Builder so that once the ticket has been created on the Transfer to Agent steps, you can use the appropriate triggers that can help with your use case. But if your main goal is to sort customers on the actual Flow Builder, it's not possible.
  • Marcin Rogalski

    We just setup a bot. And this enabled messaging for our site. Though previously we were using Chat and Support. So if we were online, customers had the Chat option and we could converse. Though after hours or if not online, they were presented with help and created a ticket for an email. We could then respond in the ticket system or through emails once available.

    Now with Answer Bot, I don't see a workflow to allow the customer to be transferred to email support. It just hangs on transferring you to an agent. And they wait indefinitely. How do we creat the flow to let the bot chat us if available or tell them we'll get back to them? 

    I see your Z Bot does this. Tells us it take 1 to 2 day to respond. I don't know if this is also dynamic so if we're online.

    We did already check and made sure our agents were offline in our support.



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