How can I stop sending an email to customers when I solve a ticket?

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  • Christopher Gentile

    I added the condition - 


    Add the condition Status | Not changed to | Solved to prevent a solved status from firing the trigger. 


    However, the email for the Solved Status was sent out. - Any thoughts?

  • Marine
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Christopher!
    I've created a ticket in our Support for you to assist you better for this case. 
    You can expect an email shortly. 
  • Attractive.Media

    Hi Marine,

    Can you share with the rest of us what we can do to make sure that simply entering a blank comment and pressing "Submit & Solve" or "Submit & Close" sends no email?

    It should still send an email if there is content in the comment box, I would think.

    Appreciate your insight! Thanks.

  • Nara
    Zendesk Customer Care
    As all emails are sent out via Business Rules in Zendesk, if you would like to ensure that when entering a blank comment and pressing "Submit & Solve" / "Submit & Close" an email is not sent, you would need to change any related Triggers/Automations that run to not send that notification out.

    In case it can help for reference, I would recommend checking out Zendesk's article on how Triggers work, to better understand how these emails are sent.

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