Announcing new dataset selection page and terminology changes

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  • Rafael Santos

    While the naming change should have been announced with some time in advance, as it feels quite the abrupt change, I love the new UI and the suggestion that it might soon be possible to link databases in our DWH as Explore Datasets. 🚀

    Looking forward to knowing more about the new report building experience. 👀

  • John Costello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Rafael Santos

    Great to hear from you again. Thanks for your feedback we are really excited to get this first change live (of many more to come) for the Report Builder.

    Also a big thanks for the catch on that screenshot, it was the wrong one. Sorry for any confusion caused and to be clear, allowing you to link a DWH as an Explore Dataset is not on our 9 month roadmap. 




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