Announcing side conversations in the context panel

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  • James

    Toby Sterrett I would like this enabling for our account please. Thanks!

  • Manuel Federl

    Toby Sterrett Thank you for your hard work! If possible, we would also like to get a bit earlier access to it on our account as well.

  • Tatiana Christensen

    Toby Sterrett could we please also get earlier access? We need it asap in connection with implementation and agent training. 

  • Ryan Boyer

    Toby Sterrett, just checking in to see when we will see the tooltip in our context panel to enable this. Thanks!

  • shelley

    Hi Toby Sterrett & Lisa Kelly, Any updates on the rollout. The posted timeline advises rollout finishes today...???

  • Toby Sterrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey everyone, apologies for the continued delays. We're in final feature and deployment reviews right now. In the meantime, I just added more EAP signups to the feature, and I'll add more up until we're able to get to full rollout. If you'd like early access, make sure you sign up and we'll get you in.

  • David Cheung

    Lovely, thanks Toby Sterrett. Just signed up my 2 accounts for the beta. :)

  • Ryan Boyer

    Thanks, Toby Sterrett. For the EAP, if we sign up is this an on/off switch we can turn on in our account? Also, are we able to just deploy it in one of our lower environments to test before having it in our production instance?

  • Hi, Toby Sterrett, we are getting lots of positive feedback from our customers. It's a much better place for Side Conversations. 

    We do have one point of feedback. When your message gets long, the Send button can disappear, and you have to scroll down within the Side conversation to find it again. We think it would be good if the Send button (and the rest of the buttons next to) always stay in view, no matter where you are in the Side Conversation. Users are so used to only having to hit the Submit button, that they often forget to hit Send if they have scrolled up a bit in the Side conversation. 

    If this is not the correct place for this feedback, please let me know! 

  • Rachael Schofield

    We have had the same feedback from our teams and submitted it via the feedback form as well. Additionally, format toolbar behaviour is not optimal. Could we move the formatting bar and send button to the top of the conversation window?

  • Oliver Tietze

    It seems that this was NOW rolled out without further notice, breaking the learned workflows of our Agent team (another time...)

    The question above

    For the EAP, if we sign up is this an on/off switch we can turn on in our account?

    is highly relevant for us. Is there an option to switch back to the old behaviour or would we have to switch forward to a new support tool finally?



  • David Cheung

    Hey Oliver Tietze,

    I just checked on this for you and it looks like it can be turned off. In fact, it looks like an admin has to also turn this feature ON to move it to the context panel, it wasn't an automatic rollout/change. 

    Perhaps another admin in your account switched this on with your knowledge or understanding of the impact it might cause on agents. 

    Screenshot below of where inside the Admin Centre you can revert this change. 

    Keep in mind - at some point, Zendesk will probably enforce this change on the account and take away the ability to revert back (much like they did when the new agent workspace was rolled out). 

    Hope this helps. :)



  • Alfredo Navarro


    I have checked the new location of Side Conversations in one of our Sandbox environments. Although the new position looks quite fine, I miss a lot the indicator/s that there is a new message or an update in a side conversation (basically the "blue dots" of the original location). In addition, the list of comments / events is not showing the latest update on a side conversation as the latest update. As a summary, the new location does not give the agent the information that there are updates (and probably important) in a side conversations. Are you going to review this?

    Thanks and best regards,



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