Announcing schedules to the nearest 15 minutes

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  • Tim G

    Thank you Scott Allison !

    Do you happen to know if this will impact the ability to schedule 'holidays' at a more granular level too please? 

    I think this thread is the same thing I'm after:

    In short, we're not able to use the holiday feature since it blocks out an entire day for a holiday - so I'm forced to edit the business schedule each time there's a holiday - and can only do that less than a week in advance since I'm then editing the weekly schedule. 

    If there's a way to add holidays at the hourly level, I would love it - thank you!! 

  • Amie Brennan

    I too agree with Tim G and would like to know if this can allow us to do half-day public holidays? As a Zendesk Partner, I often come across companies on Zendesk who work half days on public holidays and being able to automatically set this in Zendesk would be an absolute heaven-sent to time management purposes. 

  • Scott Allison
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you both Amie Brennan and Tim G for the feedback! While we don't have any concrete plans at this stage to enhance holidays I'd like to thank you for bringing it up. We do reevaluate our roadmap regularly so it's something that we may get to in the future.


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