Automatically triaging tickets based on intent, language, and sentiment (EAP)

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  • Sos Abazyan

    Hi! Will it be possible to change the intent values to our own labels/categories in the future?

  • David Falé
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Sos Abazyan!

    Yes, you can change the intent field values but be careful not to subvert the meaning of the intent. Please note that the underlying intent tag will always remain with its original name.

    At the moment we also do not allow you to create new intents, but this is something we are planning to support in the future.

  • CJ Johnson

    Can you clarify what is different about detecting the language in this feature, vs people not using this? How is this different from the email-based language detection that Zendesk uses for all accounts currently? 


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