Clarification about announced changes to views sorting capabilities and pagination

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  • Bob

    Is this announcement confirmation that ZenDesk will ignore feedback from their customers and are still enacting these crippling changes?

    Why were only these few FAQs addressed? eg. You did not address if the API is changing.

  • Amie Brennan

    I think it would be a logical assumption that if things are changing in the physical UI and functions are being removed, then they will also be removed from the API. There's no point in them being in the API if they are not able to display anything on the agent side. 

  • CJ Johnson

    Will we be able to turn off the filtering option from being available to agents? I would want supervisors to have this, but it would be the opposite of helpful and seems like it would encourage cherry picking from an agent perspective, as this allows them to filter a view and only take tickets with specific fields. 

  • Salvador Vazquez
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you for continuing the conversation here. 

    Bob, API changes are also going along with the UI changes. 

    CJ, The first phase of the filtering will be to all in an account or none in the account. As to the cherry picking, This is filtering within the tickets in the View the agents already have access to, but yes it could be leveraged to filter it down to groups to close many at once. We will continue to improve the filtering capabilities and permissions is definitely up there on next improvements.

  • Harley Gilbert-Rolfe

    Hi there

    Will there still be a way for me to easily sort by subject?

    My team for the purpose of training sort by subject, as our app sends tickets with preset subject lines, this change has made that needlessly difficult to pull together. 

    From what I can tell, this change could've been made alongside the old system, without causing needless disruptions.



  • Oliver Tietze

    And now:



    You could prevent the set-up of views as a whole and also eliminate those annoying "tickets". Life in Zendesk Support would become much easier.

    I think you forgot the purpose of the tool here.


  • Jessica Whitehead

    Really disappointed with this change. Whether it's believed to be the correct way to use the system or not, myself and my team regularly use the 'subject' to filter tickets of the same subject to efficiently work through them. Using any of your suggested workarounds is far more time-consuming and inconvenient. Please review changing this back! 

  • Ains Hill

    Please reconsider this change. Sorting by subject is a basic function that everyone should have access to.

  • Darlene Loiacono

    I am sorry..reading the work around is confusing and frustrating to no end!  Just change it back.  Why are changes made with out user feedback?

  • Michael Steward

    Just let me sort by subject. It's very easy since tickets I get have dates listed and need to be sorted in that matter. 

    Now I will have to setup some kind of new field and fill that out for every ticket and then sort by that. So much more work. 

    Please undo and revert this. BOOOO!

  • Oliver Cyples

    Why remove sorting by subject? As mentioned several times in this thread it's a very common feature to have which now means more configuration work to add additional views to further separate work, yet we're still limited to Top 12 global views.

  • Renny Day

    Why remove an essential feature if you have not even added the new replacement feature yet? Even with the new features mentioned in the post sorting by subject is still essential. 

    Please reconsider and revert this.

  • Erica C.

    I mentioned this in person to the ZD team when we chatted about these changes a couple weeks back, but I'll add it here for the record too... 

    The view filtering tool will be ok, but unless I can filter on the subject line and search by keyword, and return similar results, it's not really going to replace the need to sort by subject. But truthfully I don't need to filter my views, I just need to sort them. 

  • Glenna

    Please reconsider this change. Sorting by subject is a basic function that everyone should have access to.

  • Angela Moran

    Please revert to being able to sort by subject. We use this function as a core way of working so to remove it is very disruptive.

    Why even remove it? With future changes like this, why not audit the users and ask why we work like this. Such an arrogant thing to just remove it and wait for complaints to roll in.

  • Brett L

    Can this update be reverted back ASAP?

    You have had negative feedback on the announcement article and you still went ahead with this update, knowing it would negatively impact your customers.


  • Joanna Ashlock

    Like others have stated, please consider reverting back to being able to sort by subject. This is an essential part of my workflow as I manage 100+ tickets that are listed by client's name in the subject. Sorting by subject allowed me to get to their ticket very quickly from my view. Now, it takes me three to four clicks to get there by searching for their organization. It's really slowing my work down!

  • Please stop making unnecessary changes. It was my my idea to bring Zendesk to our organization for Support. However the constant changes need to stop. Please take into account the training and communication time changes can take up - there is no need to make what you feel are small silly changes when they an interrupt work flows and slow down your end users! You say create triggers instead of using subject lines to filter - that does not work for all scenarios. Triggers are great and I use many of them for our different views, but like I said in some scenarios a simple filter of the subject line will work vs a trigger. You left every other filter (like ticket ID), but removed the ability to filter by subject. NONSENSE. 


  • Karina K

    This change has messed up our daily routines. What was easily done by sorting by the subject, now takes extra time. Please bring back the sorting by subject asap!

  • Brett L

    Can we (Your paying customers) have an official update on this, Salvador Vazquez


    This is clearly a major incident.

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi everyone, please see my comment in the original announcement article here.


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