Announcing contextual browser page titles in Support

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  • Christian Estefani

    Any way we can disable this feature?

    Our agents have not voiced out yet, but in case they prefer the old one (since it's easier to find the consistent "Zendesk - Agent" tab name among their tens of open tabs), it would be great if there is an option to deactivate this new feature.


  • Amie Brennan

    I totally agree with Estefani here. As a ZD Partner, I know there are plenty of ZD agents who rely on seeing "Zendesk" in the Tab name so they can distinguish working in Zendesk, compared to the rest of the tabs they are working on. 

    I do like that it shows you what page you are in on the new contextual title, however, it would be great if it still displayed "Zendesk" or "ZD" in front of the contextual browser title. 



  • Bryan Haeussler

    I like this the way you've done it; if you put too much data (e.g. 'zendesk') at the front of every title it defeats the purpose once you have enough tabs open. I think this is a great change particularly since we are still limited to 12 global views. Opening a bookmark folder of views will be more useful since you'll be able to see each view's name in the resulting tab instead of just a dozen {org name} - agent tabs.


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