What's New quarterly roundup: August 2022

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  • Shayan Moussawi

    "Capture useful info like device, browser, and language by adding an extra step into the bot flow. See Understanding bot flow step types." Is this referring to the collect information step type?
    I.e. a step where we can capture information from a customer outside of a connect to agent step - to then pass that information to an external system? For example capturing an invoice number?

    Or is this limited to device, browser and language?

    And any ETA on the coming soon ones? I.e. is it going to be in August or more like towards the end of Q3?

  • Maik Künnemann

    "The Ticket: Attachment condition checks whether or not the ticket has any attachments."

    When will this be available? 

  • Rafael Santos

    New conditions and actions for triggers

    These will be huge for us. Could you please clarify what's the rollout period for the Attachments condition?

    I've just checked and we already have the new custom field actions

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Maik Künnemann and Rafael Santos,
    So sorry for the confusion on the new trigger action and condition. Looks like there was a slight delay, so our timing was off with this What's New announcement.

    We hope the new condition will be rolling out to accounts this week. I've moved that item to the Coming Soon section for now. 

  • Ramarajan T

    Coming soon
    Optimize bot interactions with tags that take you to the right agent, provide context, and give insights into bot efficiency.

    -------------Can we get the ETA for above feature

  • CJ Johnson

    Jennifer Rowe As far as I can tell, no announcements about "New conditions and actions for triggers" have happened still. It's now Q4. Can we get any details on this? 

    Edit: Was it just the addition of two fields that you can reference and no actions or conditions were actually added to triggers? 

  • Kristen Mirenda

    Hi CJ Johnson! The new trigger conditions and actions have launched. Details are available in What's New in Zendesk: September 2022.  

  • CJ Johnson


    Thanks, but there's no additional details in that article about the technical changes. 

    • New trigger conditions and actions are available, expanding what triggers can do. Now you can set up triggers to fire if the requester is a light agent, if the ticket has attachments, or if anyone is CC’d. Additionally, trigger actions can now update text and numeric custom fields. See Trigger conditions and actions reference."

      That's unfortunately not really helpful. None of what is listed are new actions. What new actions were added, and to what fields? What conditions were added? I can see that CC's are a new field. I can see that custom fields are now available in the action section of triggers. Is that what is being referred to as new actions, even though it's not really an action?  Can you clarify what was added to the product? 
  • Kristen Mirenda

    Hi CJ Johnson,

    Here's a breakdown of the specific capabilities that were added:

    1. A new trigger condition that checks if an attachment “is” or “is not” present. Both appended and inline attachments are included, with the exception of inline attachments that are added to the ticket using a macro. 
    2. A new trigger condition that checks if a CC “is” or “is not” present on the ticket at the time that the trigger runs. It does not check for followers or @mentions. 
    3. A new trigger condition that checks if the requester’s role “is” or “is not” a light agent, if you’re using that role. 
    4. A new trigger action that sets a custom text field on a ticket, if you have set one up, with a specified text string. 
    5. A new trigger action that sets a custom numeric field on a ticket, if you have set one up, with a specified number.

    Here’s what each of the new conditions and actions might look like in a trigger configuration:


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