Announcing the agent connectivity feature for the Agent Statuses EAP

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  • Steve Plichta

    Since the Omnichannel Routing (OCR) EAP only assigns tickets to agents that are marked as online, and if you assume all agents close their browsers at the end of a day, does this mean that the first person to log in and mark themselves as online in the morning will get assigned all the 'overnight' tickets?

  • Rafael Santos

    Steve Plichta, that should be the case, though the "Email capacity" and "Messaging capacity" limits would take care of it as expected.

  • Steve Plichta

    The article above states "...the agent connectivity feature changes the status of an agent to offline when it detects the following events:

    • An agent closes the Agent Workspace without signing out"

    Does that mean that if my status is set to online, and I then properly log out (without changing my status to offline), that I will still be considered online and will be able to have email tickets assigned to me by the Ominchannel routing functionality?


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