Announcing removal of the Zendesk-Gravatar integration

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  • Rafael Santos

    Hi Brett Elliott,

    Is there a way to identify which avatars were provided by Gravatar? We'd like to list those in advance for our agents, asking them to replace impacted avatars respectively beforehand.

  • Brett Elliott
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Rafael Santos,

    Thanks for the question. Unfortunately not. We don't keep a record or where an avatar originated from. If an agent is unsure, I'd recommend uploading a new avatar. Instructions for how to do that can be found here.

  • Duncan Babbage

    It appears this change has resulted in the grey silhouette image for my iOS app integration via Sunshine Communications, but changing the user profile in by uploading a profile photo directly has not reinstated the image being used.

    In the App settings, if I tick "Use app icon and a single team name for all messages" then it will use the team name and app icon, but when this is disabled it reverts back to the team member name being displayed with a grey silhouette image. Can you advise on any fix, or whether there is a known bug for Sunshine Conversation accounts as a result of this change?

  • Stephanie Langlois
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Duncan Babbage,
    Our team was informed of your comment and upon investigating we believe you should try updating your team member image from within Zendesk Support. As far as we can tell this has nothing to do with your Sunshine Conversations account. I'd also ask that for future issues you open a ticket with our Advocacy team so that they can assist you in a more timely manner.


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