Allowing agents to update content blocks

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  • Liana Bachman

    Is there any plan to allow Light Agents to have this access in the future? Or be able to provide access on a per-user basis? There are certain people in my organization who should not have full Guide Editor or Agent access, but help with editing articles, so they have Light Agent permissions assigned now. I'd love for them to be able to edit content blocks as well. 

  • Jay Lee

    So giving permission to agents to edit/create content block is not granular to specific agents, but all agents can or all agents cannot be allowed to edit content blocks. Is that correct?

  • Ronie Ranoy
    Hi Jay,

    Yes, that is correct. It is all Agents or none. Would you mind posting your use case to our Feedback on Help Center (Guide) topic? We have a template you can copy and use in your post. This is to help get more visibility and votes on the idea. Then, others can share their use cases to further drive demand for that feature. Thanks!

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