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  • Feby

    Hi, does the agent still need to click "accept" button on the top right? or the ticket will be pushed to the assignee?

  • Maude Joly
    Hi Feby, 

    As explained in the article About omnichannel routing (beta), the assignee will need to accept the conversation by clicking on the button. 
    The section "Considerations for omnichannel routing" of the article mentioned above also explain that you can put in place a reassignment timing. This means that if after a specific amount of time, the agent didn't accept the ticket, it will be routed to the next online agent. 

    Hope that helps! :) 
  • Kelsey Davis

    When can this be synched with their outlook calendars? It would be great if when a meeting is added to their calendar then the go to the status of in a meeting. Also if full or light agents are away - something that shows them as unavailable (for the whole day not just in that moment)

  • Kat

    I have some feedback that I believe would make everyone's lives a little easier.

    1) It would be great if the notifications about getting a new ticket assigned were coming from all channels to one place.

    At the moment, if you're using omnichannel routing, the only way to know that you've been assigned an email/web form ticket is if you get a trigger in place to inform agents about that (then they have to go to their email inboxes to check...) or if each agent has a personal queue with tickets assigned specifically to them.

    It would be great if the notifications about such tickets were either in the same notifications box as messaging ones or if they had their own notifications centre next to the messaging one (or even in the Conversation box) so it's all centralised directly in Zendesk and visible at a glance when the agent views their workspace.

    2) Default Agent Statuses - it would be amazing if we could disable these statuses at a will, or at least be able to customise their position in the list of the available statuses.

    My organization consists of a number of departments and not everyone should be using the default statuses (since they won't have to deal with first-line tickets). If we can't hide the default statuses, then at least putting them at the bottom of the status list would be preferable (so agents see the most relevant ones at the top).

    3) Giving the admin the power to enforce/change agents' statuses - this is a no-brainer, it would be amazing if admins had the power to do that. The reason is - people are forgetful, especially those in training, they can forget to change their status to offline every time. This means that tickets may be easily missed, especially if someone goes on holiday and doesn't change their status before doing so. 

  • Barry Neary
    Zendesk Product Manager

    This beta is now closed as omnichannel has been released


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