Announcing new in-view filtering capabilities

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  • Moe

    This seems like a great feature. I have a few questions not yet addressed by the product documentation:

    Currently, only Admins can set conditions and columns for views. Since a Filter is a subset of an existing view, is this new feature available to Admins exclusively, or are there any plans to make this available via a custom role permission?

    Can agents who are restricted to Play Mode see the Filter button?

  • Amie Brennan

    The most asked question will be - Is it possible to use this new filter to sort the views by Subject? - Is this the answer to this issue?

  • Ola Timpson

    This is a great feature - will it be further improved upon? The main field I would want to filter on is Brand and that's not on the list.

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    It's nice to see this coming out, but as I read through the product documentation, the available filters seem like weird choices for an initial rollout. 

    When I think of scenarios where I've built several semi-duplicated views, I usually am creating a new view on a condition like assignee, group, organization, or channel that would have ideally just been a filter.  The initial list is okay, but it feels like it misses some (assumingely) easy wins and took the excitement factor for me about this feature down significantly. 

  • Scott Burnham

    Neat, how do I sort tickets by subject? 

  • Mateusz Gamroth

    Sounds like the feature we all been waiting for! :) 


    Will it be possible to filter custom columns also in the future?

    Would be the dream!

  • Elizabeth Toy

    one small gripe: the button uses up precious vertical real estate—I don't love that it pushes down the list of tickets so I see fewer and/or have to scroll. it would be nice to put the filter button somewhere else when not actively filtering, maybe left of the View name. totally understand the placement of it when there are active filters being applied to the View.

  • Agatha

    I agree with Elizabeth - The filter button pushes all the tickets down the screen now, and there is a lot of empty white space at the top of the view now. 

  • Martin Cubitt

    It's great to see this, it is a good start to improving views.

    It would be nice if it allowed multi-select, eg so I can select all Status other than Closed.




  • Aline F.

    I have the same question as Moe. Does this new feature interfers with the guided/play mode?

  • Martijn Snels •

    Would it be possible to improve the UI of this feature and move the Filter button so it's grouped with other buttons? Currently, it's using a lot of screen space.

    Also I'm wondering if there are any plans to add Custom Fields to the filters as well?

  • Lee Grasso

    Definitely a cool idea, but the actual location of the button and the functionality leaves something to be desired imo. In terms of placement I agree with what Martin Snels said above. In terms of functionality, it would be a lot more useful to be able to filter by whatever columns are in the view.

  • Tobias Hermanns

    We got the same feedback around the team, agents see too much free space before see the real work and need scroll more...

    Please adjust button location to right site under "Action" and filter it / expand it whenever need

  • Darren Bell

    The new Filter has just appeared for us, and like other commenters, I too feel there is a silly amount of white space now.... not all Agents have a big screen, many are on a 15" laptop.


  • Elizabeth Cochran

    Hi, Zen Peops!  I really like this new option.  

    For My Unsolved Tickets, future due date options would be super helpful! 

    Will the Due Date drop-down be expanded to include "Today," "This Week," "Next 5 Days," and the like?  

  • Tom Rees


    Is there any way that this could be restricted by roles?

  • Anastasia Kachanova
    hi, amazing feature. i do agree with all the comments above - we need to save screen space for agents and it will be good if filter button could be moved next to other buttons. Another feature that we would love to see added to filter option is to filter by keywords in subject/body or in both and to filter by tickets with attachments.
  • Küsters, Ann-Kristin

    Great feature.


    We agree that the button could be moved. 

    Also we would love to filter for costumer fields, subject, assignee, requester, organisation.

  • Csaba Kezer

    I see great potential in how we could simplify the number of views we need to employ for our agents with this new filtering capability. In our setup the reason why we need to mostly duplicate our views is the Ticket Status, Group, Assignee and Organization. As Status is addressed with this initial rollout it already helps us, but being able to filter down to Group, Assignee or Organization would really make this a productivity booster.

    I understand how everyone is conscious of screen real estate and I agree that the UI should allow for as much workspace as possible, but in this case I see little importance to that as the feature itself is in fact helping us to filter down specifically for what we are looking for and we shouldn't be too worried whether we can see a very long list or not. 

  • Ann McKinney

    It's a great idea, but needs more refinement to eliminate the negative impact on views. The new filter column is pushing the far right column off the page, and scroll bars are too awkward to work with in this environment.

  • Elon (Yurii Martyniak)

    Hi there.

    We have the same feedback from our agents about improving the UI of this feature and moving the Filter button to the upper right corner.

    The button is using a lot of screen space, especially on 13' or 15' inch monitors.

  • Anna Filkuková

    Please move the Filter button to the upper right corner.

    The button uses a lot of screen space and makes it quite UI unfriendly. Why would someone put it in such a place as it is now, making things more complicated? 

  • Raphaël Péguet

    Nice update. Adding the ticket brand as a filter possibility would be nice too :)

  • Mateusz Gamroth

    @Raphaël Péguet

    You can work around that by setting tags on your brands and then filter by tags :)


  • Raphaël Péguet

    Mateusz Gamroth thanks for the tips :)

  • Sierra Lite agent

    Is this confirmed to be fully rolled out? I am not seeing all the filter options I am supposed to be seeing, only tags and status and sometimes priority are available. 

    I have assignee, request date, solved date all as columns in a given view, but those options are still not appearing as an option under the filter button.

    I have tried submitting a ticket under one of my other accounts, but the rep has assured me that I should only be able to choose tags and status as a filter option and it's working properly (even though I can see priority in some of my views).

  • Christine Felicia
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Sierra,

    By default, you won't see ALL filter field options in all the Ticket Views. The available filter would depend on the columns added to the View.

    For example:
    • "Latest update" will appear as an option only if there's an Updated date field added to the View column.
    • "Priority" filter would appear only if the Priority field is added.
    Otherwise, those filter options won't be available on a specific View. Also, not all added columns on the View would be available as a filter. The filter option is limited, so far we have the following fields available:

    Our Development team initially had hoped to include the Created and Assignee fields in the first phase when they rolled out the Filter button feature, the same reason why the sample screenshot on this announcement shows those fields but unfortunately, it won't be available until the next release.
    At the moment, our Development team is still working to improve this feature to include more fields and further announcements would be released on when phase 2 rolled out will be available. Thank you for understanding!
  • Sierra Lite agent

    Christine, you might consider updating the article then. I just spent over a week going back and forth with a Zendesk agent about this, trying to get a view set up and usable for our Quality Control Manager. I now have to tell her that what she wanted (and I told her was possible) is not possible for the time being.

  • Christine Felicia
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Sierra,

    Sorry about the trouble! We appreciate your input. I have raised your suggestion to our Product Managers to update this announcement. Thank you!
  • Naomi Twery

    It would be great to be able to filter by SLA deadlines (and by custom fields that are not columns but are the basis for sorting tickets within the view).

    I also very much agree with the request to move the Filters button so that it doesn't take up vertical screen space.


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