Announcing the new Zoom integration

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  • Amie Brennan

    Hey David Gillespie, one of the screenshots in this article is broken. Could we get that fixed up please so we can see what you're trying to show us? :)

  • David Gillespie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Amie Brennan,

    Big thank you for flagging! I've updated the screenshot, should now be fixed.

  • Lisa Colpoys

    Can we just install the Zoom app in Support, or do we have to also install the Zendesk app in Zoom?  More interested in the Zoom integration with Support than the Zendesk integration with Zoom. 

  • Lisa Colpoys

    Hi again, I installed the Zoom app in Support and while testing it out noticed that when an agent schedules a meeting for later (as opposed to Invite now), the user cannot enter the meeting without filling out a web form with their name and email address (twice). This does not happen for Invite now, but only for Schedule for later. Can this step be removed? If we are inviting someone to a Zoom meeting through Zendesk Support we already have their name and email address. This is a barrier to getting connected with the user and likely an annoyance for them. 

  • Anne Ronalter
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Lisa,

    in this case, you will have to install both, the Zoom App in Zendesk and the Zendesk App in Zoom.

    Here you can find the link to the Zendesk Marketplace: 
    And here you can see the link in the Zoom Marketplace: 

    In regards to functionality questions of the Apps, I would suggest you reach out to the 3rd party provider/developer of the App, Faye Support: 

  • Ray Van Voorhis

    Since this integration was not built by Zendesk, but rather a third party (Faye), is there documentation about what information they gather and store from our Zendesk instance? This could be a significant blocker for any company concerned about data residency and security, especially now that the original Zoom app built by Zendesk has been disabled. 


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