Announcing removal of the Discord integration

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  • Hip-Hop Discord

    Looking forward to the future integration. Best of luck to Zendesk.

    Thanks for the service and very excited to see what's next!

  • T.J. (ZenBros)

    When you're ready to figure it out, let me know.  You just so happen to have Partners from the AAA Video Game industry. :)

  • DJ Stiner

    Thank you for this notice, could you consider to hold this sunset until you have a feature that you are looking to replace it with? This is an avenue we were very interested in for multiple scenarios.

  • Support

    Thank you for this notice, we just start our business in discord and are looking forward to the intergration with Zendesk. When will be the next update and how can we know that?

  • David Gillespie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi DJ Stiner & Support - thanks for reaching out to the team.

    Unfortunately we are unable to hold on the end-of-life and have already decommissioned the integration.

    When we have more details about the new integration we'll update this thread and post a wider announcement.



  • Anh Le

    This is a terrible decision. Instead of improving the Discord integration, you removed it. It is the only reason I prefer Zendesk over other support solution.


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