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  • Lauren Benkov

    Will messaging be available on this dashboard eventually? If the rationale is that more people need this because omnichannel routing is GA, but using omnichannel requires you to be on messaging, it seems critical to show messaging on this live dash...

  • Anton

    Wait for a second, no live messaging data in the Professional Live dashboard 🤦‍♂️? Is it an intended limitation? 

  • Amie Brennan

    hey Anton

    Messaging data has not even been built for live dashboards yet... so you're not missing a thing. :)

  • John Costello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, 

    John Costello here from Explore Product. Messaging does exist as a Live Dataset and is available to our Professional customers. Also in case you missed it, Messaging is also available today as a Historic Dataset see here for further details .

    We have found an issue with our Live Dashboard with Accounts that have upgraded from Chat to Messaging and the team is busy investigating this scenario. Once the team has identified a fix I will update you all here an fix timeline. 

    We are not aware of any problems for customers who starting with Messaging in Zendesk and never had Chat previously. If you have a different situation please ping me here and we will investigate ASAP. 



  • Lauren Benkov

    Hi John Costello is there any update on the issue of accounts that migrated from chat to messaging? In the What's New webinar last week it showed messaging as part of the live dashboard for omnichannel routing but I still don't see this for us. 

  • Lauren Benkov

    John Costello it has been over a month since your original message. Is there an update on the dashboard being fixed for people who upgraded to messaging?



  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi All,

    Most of the time, when there is an update regarding a feature, our Product Managers will leave a comment to inform users about it and it can also be added to our Zendesk updates page
    I understand that these features is essential for your workflow. For me, I'm excited as well to try it out once it has been deployed. 

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