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  • Christopher Nolan-Downs

    Hi Will,

    What version of the iOS app should we start seeing this in?  I have 2.18.1 and no update in the app store but do not see the enable option

  • Anne Ronalter
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Christopher

    it is available in the latest version of the app in the App Store.
    When looking at the App store, you can see, that the current version there is:

    Version 2.18.1

  • Christopher Nolan-Downs

    The toggle to enable conversations is not present in 2.18.1 which is why I had asked if there was meant to be another release

  • Christopher Nolan-Downs

    For anyone following an update to the iOS app today to version 2.18.2 has made the toggle appear :)

  • Josh

    This is definitely a lot better than old experience. Great job. My feedback is if something is defined in the agent signature on zendesk then the app either omits that, or makes it smaller/greyed out. If someone has quite a long agent signature, it ends up in the way on the phone. 

    Can the requesters organization be more prominent? Potentially at the very top of the title area where you have the ticket subject and requester? Our company relies on knowing the organization to make key decisions.

    Also when choosing to do a private note vs public reply, where are there 2 clicks involved? Why not just one to change from public to private? 

  • Forrest Doud

    I have 2.18.2 downloaded but am not seeing any toggle for this.

  • Anna Deligiorgi

    Hello, I have issues, that live messaging chats get assigned to me. Is there also an option where I can also accept live messaging chats like in the web version? What I am doing wrong? I can only look at chats from other agents, but they do not get directly assigned to me in the IOS app. Thanks, in advance!


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