Adding rich content to answers in Flow Builder

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  • Kathy

    "3. Enter the image’s web address (required)" is a bit confusing. I have tried to attach the image to a ticket and copied the link from there but it still says it's not a valid url.

    Could you explain in more details please? Thank you.

  • Zimi Support

    I added a .gif as one of my responses however when I go to preview it, it's displayed in a small box and doesn't show the entire gif. 
    For example, my .gif is a short animation from an iphone recording. 

    Is there a way to change the size so it shows the entire .gif size rather then a small box? 

  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Zimi,

    Resizing is not natively available. However, you can resize your image/gif in a 16:9 ratio directly before you upload it.
  • Rachel Martin

    Requiring a URL for each image is not helpful at all for us, I would want to add standalone images of screenshots from our product and this requirement prevents that. Will you support bot responses that can have uploaded images in the future?

    This is another example I see of Zendesk focusing on B2C/general public organisations and not B2B. 

  • HI Dane the add a button option is very nice but variables cannot be added as link..

  • Erin Rowan

    When I add a button to a message it doesn't show up in the preview. Can you help me understand why?

  • Viktor Osetrov
    Hi Ervin,

    Thanks for your interesting question. Yes, are right for 100% - unfortunately, it doesn't work from a bot preview. 
    However, if you would like to check your custom buttons - you can accomplish it from messaging preview. 
    Have attached a screenshot below

    Hope it helps

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