Announcing new formatting tools for images in content blocks

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  • Nick Conte

    Hi Katarzyna Karpinska,

    Thanks for being so active in the forums and keeping the community informed of all of these great enhancements - specifically around the new content block features. This is very exciting - Looking forward to this functionality being implemented in the native WYSIWYG editor!

    Do you have any insight into HTML and styling in content blocks? We decided to move in the direction of Lotus Themes to enhance the experience in our Knowledge Base. This of course means we've added quite a bit of styling (Drop shadows and light boxes on images, etc.). 

    Presently (I would be relieved to be informed that I am wrong here), there does not appear to be a way to incorporate these stylings via the source in these content blocks. For instance, if we add this code:

    <a class="image-with-lightbox" href=""
    img class="image-with-shadow"src="" width="400" />

    Once saved, the majority of the code is removed and saved as:

    <img src="" width="400" />

    Is this user-error, or is this simply not possible in its current state? If the latter, is this on Zendesk's radar? 

    Sadly, without this functionality, we are unable to use content blocks as the aesthetics do not match the remainder of our Knowledge Base.



  • Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Nick Conte,

    Thanks for the nice words :) I'm also genuinely excited about all the improvements we have on our roadmap for the coming year!

    Atm, it's possible to apply custom classes for content blocks on <div>, and as you rightly say they are stripped from the lower HTML elements. We are planning to remove this limitation in the future. Hope that helps.

  • Eduardo Escobar

    Hello team, is there any update on using tables in content blocks yet?

  • Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Eduardo Escobar, we are planning to start working on the tables later this quarter. The implementation is a bit complicated so I can't yet confirm the delivery date.


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