What does the error "Email size cannot exceed 8192 bytes" mean?

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  • Cloudhuset AS

    I really wish this limit would be increased. It is super hard to fit, for example, an nps scoring template, into 8192 bytes and also leave room for other text/content

  • Gui

    I ran into this issue on a few occasions when:

    1. creating Automation to send customized survey emails with additional liquid logic.

    2. creating Triggers to automate communication to internal teams on actions expected outside of the Support organization.

    3. multiple triggers consolidated into one Trigger. This required some complex liquid logic and was mostly due to Zendesk not having a robust Trigger logic with indentation, able to add public/private comments to tickets, ...

    The workaround always comes with the cost of renaming variables, removing comments, and reducing email content which hurts code readability, and limits adding valuable context.

    It would be great to have this limit lifted for Triggers and Automation. 


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