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  • Josef Prandstetter

    We made a conscious decision to choose Zendesk as one of the market leaders a few years ago because we see Zendesk as a future-proof vendor that will provide us with new features that we didn't know existed and/or will need.
    We thought that future features would be included in our package at no additional cost.
    From this point of view, we find it at least a bit of a pity that additional costs are now being called.
    Especially because 1,000 MAU seems to me to be a low base if you seriously want to roll out the corresponding functions once Flowbuilder has reached a practicality.

    Anyway, Zendesk will have thought about how this will be received by existing customers.

    Now to the topic at hand: Please confirm that HelpCenter Instand Search suggestions and suggestions after entering a subject in the HelpCenter form will not be considered here.

  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hi Zendesk team, do the MAU thresholds apply to an entire account, no matter how many Brands are set up?

    Edited: my other two questions are answered in the article, my bad!

  • Simon
    Community Moderator

    The 1000 MAU is ridiculously low for our instance, and I'd imagine most other accounts - this is really not well seen from my organisations' point of view..


  • Slava Skorbezh
    1. Has Zendesk ever claimed that Answerbot functions are temporarily free of charge? If not, such a radical change in billing violates our expectations as a client.
    2. The 1000 MAU included even in the Enterprise plan is very low. We use Flow builder for chat routing and for gathering some information from clients to help our agents better understand the context of a question. In these cases, Answerbot does not solve customer issues. In other words, Zendesk tells us that we just have to pay twice for every customer who contacts the support chat. It's a big deal. So we will have to reconsider our choice of a vendor. 
  • Damien Messe

    I'm so happy that we have not chosen Zendesk as our Chatbot solution when I read this article !!! 1000 MAU it's a joke. This is what we consume in a couple of hours.
    One more reason to really look deeper at what your competitors do !

  • Maxim Nason

    Considering that we have a large flow of customers, and that AnswerBot takes a significant part of that flow:

    1. 1000 MAU sounds very frivolous, and even offensive
    2. You obviously did not take into account companies with a large flow of customers.
    3. even though the bot "takes away" part of the flow, but it does not mean that it allows you to fully save the resource of our agents

  • Irina Kurda

    We have been using the flow builder since last June. In that time the flow builder has really helped us close some routine customer requests without connecting an agent, but that savings doesn't outweigh the cost of the bot. 
    The 1000 users included in the plan is ridiculously low for large companies that provide 24/7 support. Even 10,000 clients a month is very little for a company like us. 


  • Anton

    The bot is a must and should stay. Please vote to be heard!

    What should we tell customers who will lose bot functionality in 1st week of May?
    BTW. Is there an API to connect the 3D party bot to Zendesk messaging as an alternative? No ...

  • Mateusz Gamroth

    Wow! This sounds like a huge cash grab! Offering out of the box functionality and suddenly charging for it. What's next? Answers on the surveys?

    The amount of MAUs is laughable and really no option if users are looking into using the Answer Bot seriously. 

    Takes away the whole purpose of having a bot and automating tasks (saving money)

    if you have to pay for it :D


    Please stop this terrible decision for all our sakes.

  • Harper Dane

    Edit: I'm pleased to see ZD is taking the feedback here seriously and for the clarification about when these changes will go into effect.

    That said, with recent product updates focused solely on increasing customer bot usage with little to no work on improving AI intent interpretation, this pricing change is pretty bad form.

  • Sydney Neubauer

    We were just starting to explore Flow Builder to see if it will meet our needs. With now the need to pay for it, we won't be pursuing this workflow anymore if we can pay for bot capability elsewhere with more capability.

  • Artur Tsudzik

    I am extremely disappointed and outraged after reading your recent announcement about the changes to the Monthly Active Users policy for Zendesk bots. As a user who was planning to implement the support answer bot with flow builder, this news comes as a huge blow.

    It is unacceptable that you would suddenly impose such a significant limitation on the number of users who can access the bot, without any warning or consideration for the impact this would have on your customers. This decision shows a blatant disregard for your user's needs and will undoubtedly lead to frustration and inconvenience for many.

    Furthermore, it's particularly troubling that this change is being introduced retroactively. Many of your customers made plans and investments based on the assumption that there would be access to the full functionality of the bot, and now you're saying that the number of users who can use it will be limited 🤯 

    What do you decide to do next? Charge for the number of tickets? 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    Hi everyone, 

    First, thank you for your comments and feedback. 

    We’ve escalated the comments here with the product team, and Jon Aniano, SVP of Product wants to engage in the conversation. In order to facilitate that direct conversation more effectively, we are going to shift it over to the community.

    He has started a conversation and has made some initial responses to your feedback. Please read his post here, and continue sharing your thoughts and ask questions in that thread. Jon will continue to read and respond there. We will close comments here since the community is the right place for everyone to be engaging.

    Thank you for your feedback and for sharing your thoughts and feelings. We’ll see you over in the community. 


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