Announcing a designated email address to receive required security notifications

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  • Stephen Belleau
    Community Moderator

    Max McCal any chance of updating this field to support multiple email addresses? 🙂

  • Anthony Stenhouse

    This is a welcome change, thank you. I second the request for supporting multiple email addresses as we need to notify multiple stakeholders.

  • Edwin Schukking

    Stephen Belleau Anthony Stenhouse

    From a managing point of view, I would vote against the proposition. IMO It would be more efficient to manage a group of people who should be notified from a distribution list. You would only need to provide Zendesk with one email address and manage the people who should be notified from within your organization. That way, also when people leave the company or change position, they can be removed from the distribution list by your IT.

  • Anthony Stenhouse

    I think there's room for both options. Each company/team has different workflows and it may not always be possible to use a single distributed email (which is how we are currently managing this).


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