Working with the report builder (Beta)

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  • Dan R.
    Community Moderator

    Really excited for this beta. Does this new builder allow multiple users to view a report at once?

    If not, is this planned?

  • Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Dan R. 
    I am glad to hear that you are excited about the new reporting experience. The new report builder allows accessing reports by multiple users at the same time. However, the fact that another user is looking at the same report is not yet exposed in the UI. If another user saves some updates they will be applied to the report and in order to see them you will need to refresh the page on your side. 

  • Sarah Miracle

    Just getting started in the new builder and the functionality is better for admins, but I'm not seeing the ability to export. Will "export" be available in the new builder?

  • Antonio Auctane

    Where is the export to excel?

    There is no way we will ever use the report builder without the option to export into excel.

  • Antonio Auctane

    Eugene Orman as product manager of the report builder (beta), would be so kind in addressing the question raised above: "where is the export to excel" in the the report builder (beta)) Exporting to excel is absolutely basic functionality that must be added. I had to switch immediately back from the beta because export to excel is missing.

  • Poli Minkova

    Hi, i also cant export the report which is not perfect because i have weekly stats to prepare and the old version no longer shows the data i need for some reason? 

  • Mike dela Rosa
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Antonio! The feature is currently unavailable yet but do check out our updates once new features are added in the future road maps!

    You can monitor our updates here: Zendesk Updates

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