Announcing the discontinuation of select Built-By-Zendesk apps

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  • 재유 김

    Be sure to add the Support SDK to the Redaction feature in Zendesk.

    Currently, our company is using the Support SDK. Therefore, we are using the ticket redaction app to remove personal information contained in tickets. However, in the support sdk, the function of deleting the content of the workspace's default ticket is not available. If ticket redaction app support is discontinued, it will have a major impact on our company. 

  • Michel Costandi

    Our company is using the Knowledge Capture application. We don't want this app to be discontinued because the native Knowledge feature in the Zendesk Agent Workspace context panel is less performant from our point of view:

    • The suggestions are mostly not relevant when using a sentence as a query (which is the default query based on the ticket summary)
    • The number of suggestions shown is limited
    • Agents cannot create KC Guide articles using templates without leaving the ticket
  • Tom

    Bulk delete can be used natively in both the suspended and deleted ticket view, however unlike all other views here is not filter option, which is supported in the bulk delete app. 

    Adding the filter option available on all other views to the suspended and deleted view will solve this and mean there is no loss of functionality by removing this app. 


  • Paul K

    Is 'Knowledge Base Search' referring to the Knowledge Capture App (ZD Marketplace link below)? It would be great if this article linked out to each of the apps in the ZD Marketplace, so we'd know for sure which specific apps are being referred to.

  • Tobias Hermanns

    What is with the Apps:

    Assignment Control
    Time Tracking
    SLA Event Tracker
    Outgoing E-Mail Address

    Will they stay?

  • Tyler Comfort

    I just want to add a caveat that the redaction app still does things the new ZD built in feature won't, namely allow for redacting from SMS, Social, Messaging tickets, as well as merge notes.

    Will zendesk be fixing this feature of the redaction app?  This is essential to us and enough to be considered a deal breaker, as we can't redact natively on some tickets.  

  • Monica

    We also use the Redaction app to remove content from merge notes which is not available in the native redaction feature in Agent Workspace. Would this functionality be implemented before the app is deprecated?

  • Dustin King

    As others have stated, anyone using the support SDK needs to be able to have ticket redaction functionality, which is currently not present in the Agent Workspace for such tickets. Is this being updated before January?

  • Chris Sos
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Michel Costandi, Paul K The "Knowledge Base Search" app refers to the Chat app of the same name - not the Knowledge Capture app in Support.

    Hope this helps.


  • Trey Blancher

    Internal notes are *NOT* the same as Private Comments!  You can't leave an internal note at the same time as a public reply.  With Private Comments I can post an internal note to the ticket, before posting a public reply.

    If you really feel internal notes supplant Private Comments, allow the agent to complete both the internal note and public reply forms, and post both of them regardless of which is currently visible on the ticket.  Otherwise you have to post twice, by changing the submission to "Stay on ticket" if you want to write in both forms.  "Stay on ticket" kinda throws a kink into my work flow, and being able to post to both at the same time is sorely desired but currently unavailable.

    Or, give the agent the option to display both the Internal Note and Public Reply forms at the same time, instead of making them the same input box with a selector.  Basically, I typically complete both, for customer-facing replies, and notes for my team should someone else need to take over the ticket later.  Having to submit twice is really lousy, our old tool (Service-Now) gave the option to the agent to do it either way (agent's choice).

  • Michel Costandi

    Thanks for your comment Chris Sos. I understand now that the Knowledge Capture app in Support is not discontinued.

  • Miki Kanomata

    Hi Zendesk team,

    • We use the Ticket Redaction App to reduct the images and texts from the tickets that were closed and merged. 
    • We can't remove segments with the Redaction feature in Zendesk if the tickets were closed and merged.
    • It would be great if this feature will be implemented to the Reduction feature.



  • 재유 김

     Please make arrangements to install the Ticket Redaction app from maket place immediately.

    I was instructed to use Redaction feature in Zendesk  because the app has been discontinued, so I deleted the app. However, I was informed that the Support SDK was not able to use Redaction feature in Zendesk.  We are in a serious situation where we need to install the app to delete personal information immediately. If you send an unclear email notice and say that you no longer support the installation of the Ticket Redaction app, your customers who trust Zendesk will have a major disruption to their operations. 

  • Tyler Comfort

    Kolten Kittleson as you can see there are tons of comments here addressing the redaction concern.  

    We have been long time customers of Zendesk and this situation alone makes this platform untenable in this admin's opinion.  

    The Agent workspace feature of zendesk does not allow you to redact from SMS, social, or merged notes.  These can only be done with the redaction app before the ticket is archived, and after its archived we have to do an entire recreation of the ticket.  

    I've been waiting for Zendesk to fix this feature for months and to hear you're deprecating the only tool we can use to remove sensitive information from merge notes before fixing Agent Workspace native redaction is incredibly frustrating.  

  • Aileen D

    Echoing some comments above, with the deprecation of the Ticket Redaction app, will you have a solution in place for redacting text/attachments from internal comments posted as the result of a ticket merge? This is a big concern for us.

  • Katie Yoder

    Please do not remove support for the Ticket Redaction app.  The Agent Workspace does not align with our team's needs and therefore the native redaction features are not available.

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hello Kolten Kittleson and Zendesk Support in general

    I did a quick test of the redaction capabilities of Zendesk natively.
    It is by no means equivalent to what your redaction app offers. 

    Initially, I got your "Mark for redaction" button wrong and assumed that you cannot redact attachments. That works fine, however.

    So, it does:

    • redact text passages
    • redact/remove attachments
    • redact/remove inline attachments (pictures)

    So, it seems complete, at first.

    However, the handling has changed: While in the Redaction App, you enter (or copy & paste) the text to be redacted and deletes every occurrence of it in the whole ticket, the native version lets you select the text you want redacted. If that text occurs multiple times, the non-marked text is not redacted in this comment, nor in other comments where it occurs. For some, this new way may be an asset, for most, it will be a difficult liability.

    Since attachments are stored differently, I assume that referenced (not copied) attachments will be redacted because the referenced file is gone, however, copies, will not be covered.

    There seem to be other restrictions (I saw sections mentioned above), which are certainly also crucial.

    Thanks for fixing these problems before going live.


  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hi Peter
    With native ticket redaction, you can redact attachments and inline images. See example below in the series of screen captures. For the full article, refer to Redacting ticket content.

    There are a few limitations: 

    • You can't redact messages in an active messaging conversation or chat. You must end the conversation first, then redact.
    • Redaction for messaging tickets does not work for messages created before April 2022.

    If you're not seeing the same results as what's described in the Redacting ticket content.
     article, contact Zendesk Customer Support, so they can help you with your issue. 

  • n.momma

    Ticket redactionアプリが2024年1月10日以降機能しなくなる件について

    エージェントワークスペースを利用していなくとも、Native ticket redactionを使用できようにしていただきたい。

    Regarding the Ticket redaction app not functioning after January 10, 2024

    I would like to be able to use Native ticket redaction even if I am not using Agent Workspace.

  • 이지훈

    I received a discontinuation announcement email for an app listed here. But when I tried to uninstall these apps from Management Center, I had trouble.

    That's because I couldn't find the app listed here. Zendesk's public apps can be renamed, and I don't know exactly what the original name of the renamed app was. Even looking at the comments above, many users are confused about which apps to delete.

    Please tell us how we can know exactly which apps we need to delete. Or at least tell us what the icons for those apps look like.

  • Jahn Bronilla
    Community Moderator

    Kolten Kittleson Lisa Kelly Chris Sos - FYI that an agent cannot redact ticket message or attachment natively if the channel is Chat. 

    Workaround is you need to add Chat access under Roles and Access for them to have the native redaction capability for chat tickets. If you can look into this one please. 

  • Lisa Kelly
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Thanks, Jahn
    We've added this Chat role requirement to our documentation for native ticket redaction. See Redacting ticket content

  • Julien Romanet

    +1 to not deprecate Ticket Redaction app since it is not possible to remove content from merge notes. 

    Big concern on our side as well

  • Kolten Kittleson
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hello everyone,

    I just wanted to start off by saying thank you all for the constructive feedback regarding the upcoming EOL. There are a few different areas to address, so hopefully I can touch on them all. 

    For folks wanting to use native redaction without Agent Workspace, that isn't possible. That feature is built into Agent Workspace, and won't be brought over to the Standard UI. 

    The list of applications at the top of this article are those in the EOL coming at the beginning of 2024. The team is currently reviewing possible considerations for future removal, however that has not been determined, so any other apps that are owned by Zendesk are still available to download from the Marketplace. 

    For those with concerns around the Ticket Redaction, we are actively working with the team to understand blockers that might prevent native redaction to work in a similar fashion as the Ticket Redaction app does and what work might be able to be completed by the EOL date. 

    For now all the apps listed at the top of the article are still slated to be removed. That will allow us to continue working towards Zendesk's vision for the future of our product focuses on continuity, consistency, and clarity. Should there be any changes, we will make sure to announce that both here, as well as in direct communications. 

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi Lisa

    Just saw your comment.

    You present a picture story of what I said in written form only, but you have not addressed the multiple redactions that occur in the ticket if you use the redaction app. And that is a blocker for many.

  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Sorry, Kittle Kolson, but what consistency vision are you guys talking about?
    I just point out the utter chaos you call a user management UI for Support these days. For once at least, the past has been way more simple and consistent.

  • Julien Romanet

    Hello Kolten, 

    One exemple to understand blockers that might prevent native redaction to work in a similar fashion as the Ticket Redaction app does.

    => For merging tickets :

    If you redact attachements in the merged ticket : attachments are well redacted.

    But they are still displayed in the private comment on the main ticket.

    With the app Ticket redaction : you can redact attechements in the private comment while you cannot do it with the agent worspace feature.

  • Ashley Moore

    Please don't remove the Ticket Redaction app as it can remove images and text within "merge text" which the inbuilt redact can not do.

  • Jacob the Moderator
    Community Moderator

    Kolten Kittleson

    We use the Bulk Delete app to precision delete from the suspended tickets view, while the ability to delete in bulk is available natively, the ability to filter for Cause of suspension is not!

    As Tom mentions above, if the Suspended tickets view had the relevant filtering options then we would have feature parity and the Bulk Delete app would be redundant, but as it stands today we still need this app to work suspended tickets.

  • Monica

    Adding another voice to the need for the Redaction feature to account for merged tickets before deprecating the redaction app.


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