Using AI-powered intents with conversation bots

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  • Ilya Gook

     Advanced AI add-on article is not accessible for some reason Aimee Spanier

  • Aimee Spanier
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Thanks, Ilya Gook. The Advanced AI article should be accessible now.

  • Slava Skorbezh

    Please add Ukrainian language support 🙏

  • Richelle Kracht

    I am trying to understand the relationship between Intents and Answers. Is my understanding of the Advanced AI bot correct:

    The Intents are meant to remove the manual need to add Training questions for a specific answer.

    The answers (+steps) are still required to be manually entered- the bot is not going to actively search the Help Center for example to find matching or 'like' content simply because the intent is selected. Until an article is linked to an answer, there is no logic that prompts the bot to look for the answers in the help center. Correct? 


  • Ronie Ranoy
    Hi Richelle,
    Yes you are correct with your understanding of the Advanced AI Bot.
  • Gin Atkins
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Richelle,

    Just an update that we are releasing a feature called Generative Replies under EAP in October. It leverages intents to search the Help Center, and using OpenAI return summarised content and links that respond to the question asked.

    I'll post a link here to more information when it is available.


  • Håvard Skare

    Hi Gin Atkins.
    I am trying to get my answer bot to generate answers based on the help center articles, but with no luck. It wil suggest articles when I create answer flows that link to certain articles, or when I choose the option for suggesting articles instead of generating a reply. However, it will always tell me that I cannot find an answer when I ask it to generate a reply about e.g. payment. 
    All help center articles are public and available to everyone. 
    What can I do to fix this, and is it correct to enable "Generate reply" on all intents?
    Thank you.


  • Does more than one intent work on the same instance?

    Example: we use Zendesk for CX (e-comm) but we also have our IT and HR departments using the same instance.

    In this scenario, do we only get one 'category' of intents and not all three?

    Also, if we have multiple brands - one e-comm, one software related, I guessing the same answer would apply. We can only use one intent for both brands?


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