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  • Reshma Patel

    Looks great. Couple of feedback items

    • Would be nice if the columns were sortable (ie number of users per group so that we can remove empty groups)
    • Would be nice if the listing page included a count of open tickets
    • Would love to bulk add/remove users
    • Outside of these feature, but in general - would love to deactivate groups so they no longer are selectable as an assignment group. This will allow open tickets to continue being worked on till resolution but no new tickets can use groups that will be decommissioned. 
  • Jimmy Rufo

    Hi There.  Some feedback here.  It seems there is no sorting ability at all, as I'd ideally like to sort alphabetically by default.  What is the default?

    Also, I'd love to see group members by agent type (full vs light) to help with billing and forecasting for agent purchases in the future.

  • Joshua Teitelbaum

    Team, keep the feedback coming!! <3

    We love the engagement, and love the feedback and want to let you know you have a voice.

    We will actively prioritize and listen to your requests and act upon them.  We'll update this thread as we make these incremental improvements.


  • Jimmy Rufo

    Hi Joshua Teitelbaum, it would be great if you can alphabetize the order of groups by default.  It appears we had that option before recent changes, and how it looks now is a bit odd.

    Another negative of this change is I can no longer see on the groups home page which users are in which groups.  I'm now expected to look at the user's profile to confirm this, where I always previously had the option to Control+F on the groups home page and find a user at quick glance.

  • Anton

    I hope one can also improve group selection experience in the agent profile. We have >1200 groups, so it's hard to manage without any filtering option

  • Reshma Patel

    Please work on performance improvements as well. What I have noticed is that the initial group load takes up to 35 seconds to load. (I timed it and the group only had 9 members in it. Once it loads, all other groups and members load pretty fast. If you refresh the page or navigate away from it and then come back, it will reset and the initial load will take time once again. 

  • Rita Gleason

    A few feedback points below.  Very unhappy about this change which effectively makes my job harder maintaining a large list of groups across the enterprise.  

    • We were not given any notice about this change
    • You removed the capability to view the groups in alphabetical order
    • It would appear you did not put any thought into allowing us to be able to sort on any columns at all
    • Did you collect client feedback on what we might want to see on a groups page?
    • You did the same thing with the organizations page last year and it took 6 months to get our sort capability back
    • What improvement did you effectively give us Admins?
    • There is still not a way to export the members (that would have been a win if you at least gave us that improvement)
  • Joshua Teitelbaum

    Rita Gleason first and foremost, thanks for your feedback, it allows us to incrementally improve our systems and offerings directly from customer requirements.

    We are working now to prioritize and suffice your requirements.

  • Scott Dinner

    There was an option from the group member page to assume a Team Member. Is that functionality no longer available with the new Groups page?

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    Column sorting changes seem to be a regular point of friction with a lot of Zendesk's most recent UX changes.  I assume it has to do with the transition from offset to cursor based pagination which seems to be impacting how table data is loaded and able to be worked with.  I think it would be good for Zendesk to call out why these decisions are being made as it appears to just be the removal of user features that feel like they should be obvious to include.

    Overall, I think the new Groups page looks good.  It makes it easy for me to see all my groups, how many members are in each and the description.  I could see me using the description field more (to my benefit) because of this change.  I'd love to see Group ID on this table like I can see Field IDs on the ticket fields page.  Group ID is helpful when working with Zendesk app configurations and working with the API.  Consider the Assignment Control app provided by Zendesk - you need to add Group IDs into the app configuration.  In the past I had opened each group page and grabbed the ID from the url path.  It would be nice to grab the ID from this main page.  Having the ID available has been really great on field pages. 

    I see that there is a "View open tickets" menu option to navigate to a search for open tickets.  However, this isn't actually pulling up open tickets, but all tickets associated with the org.  If there is going to be a drop-down menu here with options that kick you to different screens, it would be nice to provide other group related workflow to make life easier.  Other options could exist for things like: 

    • Manage Group Macros - Open the macros page filtered by the selected group
    • Manage Group Views - Open the views page filtered by the selected group
    • Review Business Rules - Open rules analysis page for the selected group
    • View Audit Logs - Open an audit log to show group and group membership changes for the selected group
    • Import/Export Members

    For those that aren't too happy with this view, it appears that you can get a more familiar group page by going to

    Reshma Patel - check out the Assignment Control app, it allows you to hide groups from the Assignee field. It's not quite group deactivation, but it's great for non-ticket groups.  You can also pair a trigger to re-route any tickets that do land in the "inactive" groups into a monitored group.

    Scott Dinner Try for team member assumption. 

  • Stephen


    Great change to see - the page looks far more inline with Zendesk's general UI.

    Some feedback from my end (which is similar to other customer requests):

    • Ability to sort on columns would be really useful. As Dan mentioned, if this feature was removed for technical reasons, it would be nice to see that called out - at least it would give some understanding as to why the feature is not available.
    • Ability to add additional columns on the Groups page (ID!!!, is the group private, is the group default)
    • Export groups.
    • Import / export group members.

    I see a number of people mentioning the Assignment Control app - in general, I think it would be great to see that type of functionality rolled in Zendesk itself, as opposed to needing to rely on an app.

  • Ronald

    I agree with the feedback regarding sorting and filtering options. I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt and assume it's very difficult to provide what on the surface seems like obvious functionality. Perhaps it has to do with what Dan Cooper mentioned above, or something else entirely.

    But why would the default, and currently only, order be by most recently updated group? If you can't change the order the most obvious order to put it in by default would be alphabetically. Does anybody actually want to see it in the order of most recently updated? I can only assume that there must be, once again, some technical hurdle. I just hope it doesn't stay that way.

  • Joshua Teitelbaum

    Reshma Patel et al

    We have done our level-best to improve the loading speed and we got an approximate 75% performance improvement.  What once took 30s now takes about 8s, at scale.  For customers with large amounts of agents, it will be a much better experience.  We have also added sorting in the groups page, so when you are looking at all your groups, you should be able to sort by name, or by membership count.

    We are working on other items and as they get released, we'll be sure to let you know.  Thank you again for your feedback.  We look forward to continuing our incremental improvements to make sure the experience is as painless as possible, and your needs are sufficed.

  • Joshua Teitelbaum

    Quickly Exporting A Group's Team Members Via The Command Line:

    While not currently directly available via a single click in the UI, here is something that can act as a workaround for the internment.

    Here is the code sample:

  • Lohith S


    The new layout for Groups doesn’t look like an upgrade to me. Earlier I could find out the role of the Agent, and with that, I could tell who is occupying the Agent/Staff license or just a contributor(ReadOnly).

    In this layout, I need to click on each associate to find their role which is inconvenient. Can you take this as feedback and give the option to switch back to the previous layout or include the role visibility as earlier ?


  • Joshua Teitelbaum

    Lohith S your request has been sufficed and the groups page now exposes roles of the Agent, and you can now easily discern who is occupying the Agent/Staff license with the agent lists that are returned.  Please let us know if there are any further requests.

  • Lohith S

    Thanks for reverting the feature Joshua Teitelbaum

  • Anthony Stenhouse

    We have a series of Groups that start with a specific identifier and we instruct our Agents to add themselves to these Groups to see specific ticket types.

    I've just added a new Group within this format and it's no longer possible to 'group' that Group alongside the ~15 others we have in place. It's only appearing at the bottom of the Group list and will likely be missed as Agents are used to the Groups they are allowed to self-assign appearing at the top of the Group page.

    Can the ability to reorder be returned please?

  • Joshua Teitelbaum

    Anthony Stenhouse it may be subtle, but you can now order by name by clicking on the name column.  There are other columns that you can click on as well, to coerce the sort order of your choice.

    Furthermore, the filter is *very fast* on the groups page.  You simply add the text you're searching for, and immediately the results will come back as if a `LIKE` (from the SQL world) format was employed as the criteria.

    I do not want to dictate workflow here, but if you decorate those special groups at your firm with the highest lexicographical sort order precedence, things should come back in the order you want without any intervention on clicks/filters :) 


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