Announcing a closed beta for the new Explore report builder

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  • Alek J Reed

    Will the "Try Beta" button be visible to Admins only, or to any Explore editor? If someone clicks "Try Beta" does it enable it for the instance, or just the current user?

  • 이지훈

    I applied for EAP and saw the "Try me" button displayed a few days ago. But today, when I go in, I don't see the "Try me" button anymore. Is the beta period over? Or can you give me another chance?

  • Eugene Orman
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Alek Reed

    The "Try Beta" will be available to Explore Editors and Admins. Every user will be able to choose to use the Beta or Classic builder but their choice will not impact other users.


    The new reporting experience is available as a closed beta. So, there is no need to apply it will be enabled on eligible accounts automatically once we are ready. Possibly you have applied for some other functionality. You can find the list of Zendesk beta programs and EAPs here -  Current and upcoming Zendesk betas

  • Antonio Auctane

    Where is the export to excel in report builder (Beta)? This is a basic functionality that cannot be missing.

  • Mike dela Rosa
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hey Antonio!

    The team's still updating the features, kindly check our Zendesk updates for further news about the additional features coming soon!

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