Using generative AI to summarize and enhance ticket comments (EAP)

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  • Kate (Admin)

    Rafael Santos

    EAP product limitations
    Due to an early stage of this project the following limitations might occur:
    • We only support English for the time being
    • Summarization might not include every detail originally provided in the ticket
    • Expanding, make more formal and make more friendly might omit or mischaracterize information written by the agent in composer (each of those actions is initiated by agent and is easily reservable)
    • Features might work slower than expected 
    • Features might be unavailable from time to time
    • Features might be discontinued or significantly changed during and after the EAP
  • Jakub Konik
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all, thank you for the latest feedback.

    iViking could you send examples of faulty summary at

    We're aware of the language issue, AI returning agent-reply instead of summary and summary including bot messages, and we are trying to fix this, all though it's not straightforward. 

    Óskar Ómarsson at this stage we are not planning to add permissions, but they will be added sometime after GA.

    Pratik you can sign up via the link at the top of this page.

    Jiri Fait we released improvements to how summarize banner works but it seems it did not help all across the board - we'll investigate. 

  • Riah Lao


    If the user redacted some PII, does the call to OpenAI send the redacted or unredacted/original content when the user clicks the Generate summary button?

  • Simon Blouner
    Community Moderator

    I don't see anyone mentioning side conversations being included in the summary.

    We would also very much like to see internal notes being included in the ticket summary.

  • Ibrahim Aqqad

    Simon Blouner i 100% agree with you . it would be great if the summary includes the ide conversations and internal notes  

  • Lala

    Hello. We just started testing, and the enhance and tone change features are nice, but it would be better if it showed a preview of the change before completing changing your original text. There's a chance we may not like the enhancement, but then the text has already been changed. Just some feedback. 

  • Mike

    Can the summary be used in a trigger and used as a placeholder in a message?

  • Reshma Patel

    Agree with the comments above in that having the option to enable this on all ticket comments would be extremely valuable. We would want our tier 2 reps to be able to get a quick summary of our agents internal notes as opposed to reading every internal note in additional to the public comments summary. 

  • Shawna James
    Community Product Feedback Specialist
    Hi Reshma, thank you for providing your feedback to us. It would be helpful if you could share this feedback to our community as well so that others can see it who may be facing a similar issue and our PM's can better track this feedback.. Thank you again for sharing your input!
  • Steve Senez

    It would be nice to be able to change the language the expand function uses. It defaults to US English so my agents need to adjust to UK 

  • Sean Morrissey

    I would like to see enhance writing feature added to side converaations

  • Morgan

    It would be nice to have the ability to track how often our agents are using the summarize feature. There doesn't seem to be any action that is noted in the ticket history or a tag that is applied to the ticket when the summarize feature is used. Is that something that could be made available in future?

  • Jérôme


    Why when using the Enhance writing feature there is no option proposed to simply "Improve writing"? (Not make it longer (expend), more formal or friendly - just improve.)

    We have this feature in Notion and we use it everyday. Currently we are sometimes still copy/pasting our replies in Notion and obtain very good results. This feature is really missing in your implementation. To me it doesn't make sense to not propose this option, which in my opinion the most common usage with generative LLM AIs.

  • Reshma Patel

    For anyone else interested in getting a full ticket summary on all notes not just public comments - you can upvote here - AI - Ticket Summarization should also Summarize Internal Notes – Zendesk help

  • Michael Yuen

    When the "enhance writing" option is used, is that logged anywhere? Where in the ticket (if anywhere) can we see that the agent used "enhance writing", even if we can't see the actual changes that were made?

  • Abby Armada

    Hi Jakub Konik - is it possible to see what tickets have used AI? We've opened up the pilot on our Zendesk instance, but it would be great to see what tickets have used the Tone change, etc, to correlate with any change in CSAT. Thanks!

  • Exposure Events

    This really needs to be in Zendesk chat on the app and web, that would be a game changer for Zendesk.


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