Using Messaging Metadata with the Zendesk Web Widget and SDKs

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  • Allison Sargent

    Hello! Quick question, how is this different from the "Ask for details" step that is currently offered in the Flow Builder UI? 

  • Vishal Khandate

    Is there any way we can update conversation fields when using Web Widget classic? 

  • Federico Costa

    Can i use metadata to assign the email, so i don't need to ask that information to the end user?

  • Raphaël Péguet -

    Federico Costa of course.

    Allison Sargent this is different because ask for details asks the questions to the customer whether here you can populate the answer based on information of your website without asking.


    @Zendesk Can you certify that others metadata than the 4 about authentication (mail, name, external id, status) can be used as variables in the flowbuilder please??


    It would be nice that you add screenshots to reassure people that metadata are shown in the flow builder

  • Oscar Mejias
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Allison -

    The answer type "Ask for details" is the flow builder step that allows your end users to interact with conversation fields. Now, these conversation fields could either be filled out manually by the end-user or they can be pre-filled with metadata through clients API. 

    This is where Using conversation metadata with the Zendesk Web Widget and SDKs comes into play.

    I hope that clarifies!

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