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  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator
    The Product Manager Whisperer - 2021

    Great stuff!! I look forward to seeing this! Most of the feature requests around the home page has been to allow us to customize it. Is there going to be any of that? For example, we may want to have different filters available. Or add 60 days to the completed work.

    Also, are you considering adding an area where we can click and see all tickets we're mentioned on?

    Thanks for the work on this!

  • Reshma Patel

    Excited for this page to finally get updated! Will you allow any customizations? Looking at some of the initial screens I can already tell there will be too much data for features we do not use. Is there a way to hide some of this or make the dashboard customized for how our teams work? i.e we don't use messaging or Zendesk CSAT.

  • Zac Garcia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Heather and Reshma! Great questions. The initial release will be completely focused on the work list, and the stats from the previous Dashboard are included to make the transition easier for customers who are familiar with it. We hope to allow some level of customization after that. By joining the beta (even with a sandbox account, if this doesn't fit your production needs), you can be added to the beta community, where we can discuss the feedback in depth and talk through your use cases!

  • Stephen

    Hi Zac,

    This looks like a feature with great potential. I am particularly excited about Agents having the ability to mark something as read / unread.

    Is there a place where we can share feedback on this feature yet?

    One thing that jumps out to me immediately is that the list of tickets only includes the Ticket ID and Requester - it would be great to see:

    • Subject
    • Form
    • Organisation

    Or potentially have configurable options on the Admin side.

    Similarly for Following / CC's, having the additional context of assigned Group and Assignee, including the above I mentioned would be helpful.

    The Updates section seems like it will be really powerful as well. It would be great to understand what type of events populate this and if there are plans to add a configurable element to this.

    Lastly and while this may be outside the scope of this feature on it's own - this seems like a stepping stone towards having notifications within Zendesk for non-messaging / non-Talk tickets that would be configurable (similar to what Sweethawk offers with their Notifications app).


  • Lue Loudin

    Hi team,
    Will the Dashboard url still work [company] after this deploys or is it an additional page and the Dashboard will stay after beta?

  • Talgat Jampeissov

    Hi Zac, I sent my application several times to get the early access for this beta version but did not receive any updates. Could you please check? Our domain "kzr". 

  • Zac Garcia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Lue Loudin - the experience will be opt-in when it first launches, so at launch you will still have access to the old dashboard if needed.

    Talgat Jampeissov - we are adding customers in at a controlled pace, but I can confirm your submission was received!

  • mfg

    Zac Garcia

    Looking forward to the EAP. Is this enabled for sandbox environments as well as production?

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey AMA, 

    If you'd like to test this in your sandbox, you'll want to submit this form again but instead enter your sandbox subdomain. Hope this helps :)  
  • Hi Zac Garcia, where can we provide feedback and ideas on the current Agent Home or report any issues? I've just listed them below for you now.

    Issues & Questions

    1. Tickets do not disappear when you have answered a ticket and use 'Close tab' on Submit of the ticket. This is probably related to the 'Real-Time updates' limitation, I guess?
    2. The Updates' panel shows a nearly endless list, making the page very long. In my case, it showed 249 items.
    3. What is the exact logic for tickets to appear in the 'Your work' tab?
    4. 'Play' button disappears in this new overview, while it was present in the original Dashboard with 'Tickets requiring your attention'.

    Feedback & Ideas

    1. Subjects – Only showing the name of the Requester, Ticket ID and latest comment in the ticket is not giving a good overview of the actual topic of the ticket. It would be great to still see the Subject of the ticket.
    2. SLA – For organizations that are steering their support based on SLA's it would be helpful if there would be an option to sort based on SLA as well.
    3. Apps – I can see huge potential for the Zendesk Apps Framework to present other elements, such as SweetHawk's Tasks app (Tom Hissink, remember we spoke about this in Utrecht on the last time we met) or the agent schedule of today on Tymeshift.
    4. Ticket Statistics – Would be interesting if they would be adjustable or Admins could connect a Zendesk Explore report here. Most of our clients don't specifically look at the number of tickets solved, as it tempts not to tell much about the actual work an agent has completed.
    5. Updates panel – This element is the least used part of Zendesk we experience. Managers often want to get rid of it because they would like agents to work from Views.
    6. CC'd / Following – Personally, I have much trouble keeping up with keeping an overview of any @mentions and what I actually replied to and not. As @mentions often requires actual input or a reply, it would be lovely to have some kind of overview of the tickets you are @mentioned in specifically, and it would offer a way to just directly reply from the overview to this specific @mention, preventing you to open the ticket. As a business leader, I can imagine this will speed up the work of many others as well.
    7. Completed work – Will this list only show Solved tickets? We often get questions from agents how they can quickly see a ticket they worked on earlier that day. It would make perfect sense if such a list would show all work that an agent has completed, including any comments and replies on tickets without solving the ticket.
  • Stephen


    I might be blind, but can anyone confirm how you mark a notification as read / unread ?

  • Rachael Kolman

    I had a similar question to the one above. For Completed Work in the last 90 Days, is it only going to show tickets assigned and solved by the agent? We have agents who use that to track their own progress throughout their shift but we also have work flows that un-assign solved tickets from agents, potentially skewing the number. Can you confirm what it is considering as a Solved ticket in this instance? Also, would it be possible for that 90 day section to have a filter to look at this week, or custom date range (today, last two days etc) so the agents can track what they have done? 


  • Stephen


    I have been using the Agent Home beta on my sandbox instance for the last couple of months. I signed up for the beta to be activated on my live instance of Zendesk, but I am still not seeing it.

    Are there plans to roll this out to additional users any time soon?


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