Improved Error Handling for Channels Framework

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  • Rafael Santos
    User Group Leader

    Hi Chris Drylie, could the Channel Framework Errors be logged using the Platform Logs API? If not, is is it part of its roadmap?

  • Chris Drylie
    Zendesk Product Manager

    HI Rafael Santos

    At the moment no, but it is something we have been discussing. We will be making more improvements to logging in the future and will aim to keep you updated.

  • Ahmed Zaid
    User Group Leader Community Moderator

    I appreciate the update, but I can't help thinking it has major shortcomings still. I found the verbiage of those errors a bit vague as it indicates the comment cannot be added to the "ticket". In reality, the comment is added to the Zendesk ticket object but cannot be added to the mapped channel object.

    For example, if one tries to reply to a deleted mention in a tweet or facebook comment, the reply will not be posted to the social media channel, but the comment will be added to the Zendesk ticket with no persistent indication to the error.


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