What's New quarterly roundup: Q3 2023

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  • Maggie McGannon

    Are there plans to improve SLA functionality - such as "pending" or "on-hold" statuses pausing SLA clocks? This issue is discussed in detail on this community post here.

  • Adam Hancox


    Is there any plans to add the bot flow or a schedule check into the Reassign reopened email and messaging tickets with omnichannel routing?

    We currently have a trigger to close solve messages so they are not routed to the same agents. As a result, we lose the CSAT function in the ticket as we have to close the ticket.

    We have tried this new feature, but it can try to reroute a customer after working hours and without a message confirming they are being sent to a new agent. These two features would be good to consider to improve the customer experience. We are trying to aim for a first class service and having these features would be great. Thanks!


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