Announcing a change to side conversations settings

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  • Alex Espinoza

    What other updates are currently on the roadmap for side conversations?

  • Rita Gleason

    Can you add side conversations to the ticket history when you print?  We are unable to see any side conversation history along with the ticket history which causes a gap when doing research without going into each ticket to see the side conversation history.  Thanks.

  • Amie Brennan

    hey Toby Sterrett

    I've got a few customer accounts where this new setting is not yet visible however this article indicates that the rollout was completed June 26th. 

    How do I get this setting visible inside these accounts so I can move the side convo to the side of the ticket panel?



  • Toby Sterrett
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Amie Brennan I think you're referring to the beta for moving side conversations to the context panel. That setting is in the Context Panel settings page if you're participating in the beta. This is referring to side conversations having its own section in Admin Centre now for things like enabling/disabling channels and future updates.

  • Amie Brennan

    hey Toby Sterrett,

    Thanks! Yep, I was totally confused. Appreciate you letting me know whats what here. :)



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