Using WhatsApp template messages to bypass the 24-hour rule

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  • WhatsApp Connector

    This is a very relevant feature for Zendesk customers looking forward to bypassing Meta's 24-hour reply rule. With a deep knowledge of Zendesk, you can also create triggers and automations to send WhatsApp notifications in several ways.  

    In case you need further capacities such as:

    • Error handling 
    • Bulk notifications
    • Starting conversations
    • Scheduled messages
    • Use of multiple templates
    • And a more refined solution for both for admins and agents

    You can start using Respira's WhatsApp Connector, a Zendesk app with the first 1000 notifications for free.

  • Richard Basteed

    Where are you pulling the relevant information fallback from? I am struggling to get this working

  • Taylor Bowser
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Richard Basteed

    Thanks for reaching out! The fallback value is set by the business. You can find the descriptions of these key values used for sending WhatsApp Message Templates via shorthand syntax here

    Hope this helps!

  • Bichxs Market

    I’m trying to bypass the 24-hour rule from WhatsApp. I followed all the instructions in this post: 

    1. An end-user has messaged my business and opened a ticket. I want to send him a pre-approved WhatsApp template after 24h. 
    2. I already have a Sunshine Conversations license and a pre-approved WhatsApp template. 
    3. I created a macro using the Sunshine Conversations shorthand syntax as indicated in the instructions.

    The problem is: when I try to execute the macro, the message with the shorthand syntax doesn’t appear in the “public comments” section, so I cannot send the WhatsApp template. I get this warning message instead, which doesn’t allow me to write new public comments after the 24h window:

    I tested the macro within the 24h period and it worked perfectly. The end-user recived the pre-approved template just as intended, but after the 24h limit it is imposible to execute the macro properly. 

    Any idea how can I solve this ?

  • Cécile
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Team, 
    I can see you already opened a ticket with us regarding this, thank you! Let's coordinate together there 😉

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