Important announcement: Upcoming changes to the Explore dashboard builders

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  • Denise Sehlmeyer

    I want to reiterate what others are saying about this change, you're limiting us in functionality and I am unable to recreate our dashboards using the new dashboard layouts due to limitations and features missing that the 'classic' has.  We're already having to do some reporting in tableau due to lack of customization that was taken away when insights was removed, but to remove even more of our functionality and customization that we currently have in the 'classic' would be very detrimental.  I've spent a lot of time getting our dashboards to where we need them today, and to have them removed without the ability to recreate them, is very concerning to me. 

  • Vladimir Petrushenka

    This is just awful, and forgive me for being direct here. 

    We've spent months(!) putting together the existing dashboards, scheduling them to our partners, internally etc which now needs to be re-done completely. I'm talking about 200 dashboards. A fair question, that's been asked already, - who is going to pick the cost of that work for us? 

    But not only that, the key functionality that we currently use is no longer supported in BETA, so the product will be almost useless for us.

    Below is the list of what features aren't going to be available in the New builder (but please correct me if I'm wrong)

    • External sharing

    • Exporting

    • Scheduling

    • Multiple Tab Support (Color etc.)

    • Linking one filter to all reports in the DB and hiding it 

    • Image

    • Bookmark

    • Title options

    • Change metric

    • Change attribute

  • Rashmita Lenka

    Hi Team, can you please confirm if there's any possible way to copy the existing dashboards to this new environment instead of recreating them? That's definitely going to take a ton of time. Also what about access, do we need to again grant access to everyone or is there an option to mirror the access?

    Please suggest.


  • Jon Thorne

    This just doesn't work at all for us, for many of the reasons outlined above. It's also a huge kick in the teeth for customers who spent months migrating from GoodData. Now we have to do it all over again, but with greatly reduced functionality that seems to be a massive retrograde step. I really hope this can be re-thought, as we invested fully into Explore and it's woven into so many of our business processes in its current form and functionality. We would seriously have to question whether Zendesk is right for us if this goes ahead.

  • Jahn Bronilla
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary

    Thank you Walter Bellante - appreciate if Zendesk team can reach out to us with our individual requirements plus to see the current dashboard set up we have.

    We built our each dashboard from scratch and we apparently don't want to see less from our current dashboards.

  • Jen C

    That sounds great. I just wanted to clarify that the timeline of a year (12 months) to transition to the new dashboard builder would start after the GA of the new dashboard builder?

    I just wasn't sure if the 12 months had started already or not.

    Also, it would be super nice if there was a way for us to clone our current dashboard into the beta builder dashboard to make it easier to move even just the reports on each tab into the beta builder dashboard. Then I can customize with new beta builders dashboard filters and such. 

    Like others have said, some features I currently use that are needed are dashboard tabs, customizable dashboard filters that can be hidden and customized to specific tables and not the whole dashboard of tables that match the filters dataset, drill in on all reports, exporting to excel, Bookmarks or just a way to save the filters to their current selections per tab in the dashboards.

    I'd also like to be able to combine datasets to create even better reports.

    I haven't really used the Beta because it has felt very limited in its functionality. Most of my reports are all heavily customized and the current Explore let's me do that. The Live dashboards in beta and the other dashboards in beta just didn't let me customize like I needed/wanted too.

    I just want to keep track of how much time I have to move everything over, so hopefully you can answer my question above. Thank you!

  • pascal.halajda

    Is there going to be a process for migrating dashboards?
    Because it would be unthinkable to have to recreate everything manually!


  • Walter Bellante
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you to all our customers who’ve provided feedback on the dashboard builder transition. We’ve provided some updates in this Community post, and we’d love to continue the conversation with you there.

  • Devan La Spisa
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Thanks to everyone who attended our PM Roundtable on Explore Dashboard Builder Transition, where the product team connected with community members to hear and address feedback. After hearing from you on what changes would be best, the product team drafted this response on key points raised during our roundtable. We’ve included below our summary, resources from the event, and a complete recording of our roundtable.

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