Announcing improvements for handling tag change collisions in tickets

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  • Rafael Santos
    User Group Leader

    This is awesome! Although your example mentions the concurrency between 2 agents, will this work along with other Tag changes, such as those from the following endpoints:



    "ticket": {
    "additional_tags": [...],
    "remove_tags": [...]

    Therefore having all ticket updates from the Ticket interface have its ticket.tags diff resolved to add and remove instead of replace?

  • Jagan

    I have a similar question as Rafael. Does this have any impact on the API updates? We have always had problems with API updates for tags where the tags will be lost when another update happens. 

  • Samir Shah

    Hello Rafael and Jagan, 

    Rafael - Correct, the ticket.tags diff is resolved to add and remove rather than replace.

    Jagan - This is just a frontend change, and relates to how we solve tag collisions in the ticket UI. Since the tag changes will persist in the UI, the API will update depending on if the agent submits the tag changes. Scenarios with HTTP 409 errors were not considered here, but may be looked at more in the future. 

  • Andrew Chu

    please confirm if this feature only applies to manual updates of tag field or automated tag updates by trigger/macro/check-box, drop-down field updates


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