Insights from the Permissions & Audit Log PM Roundtable Community Event - July '23

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  • Jamie Noell

    I remember in the roundtable learning that there are other options to search for in the Audit Log, but they do not display in the Type field:


    Filter for settings, users, or business rules. Select the type first, then the names of any specific items.
    I looked back at the audit log search article, hoping that it would be updated with the full list of options.  However, I am not seeing it.  As an example, I am often looking for who created an account. 
    - I tried end user, contact, requester - no luck.
    - I looked up the profile and found the created date / time, and I filtered the log for the create event and that date - no luck.
    As many others have said, I resort to emailing a CSV export as I seem to find more than I do in the online web search.  
    The roundtable was awesome - I hope the ideas you listed above are coming soon?  fingers crossed :) 

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