Attaching media to articles

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  • Yaakov Simon

    There are self-referential links in the article:

    For information about attaching media to articles, see Attaching media to articles.

    Also - please list supported file types for replacing media. I was quite disappointed to find out that CSV files aren't supported for replacing media

  • Tim Threlkeld

    Echoing Yaakov's comment.

    Previously, we were able to attach any type of file to our articles.  We often supplied files that were specific to the product we support (so not commonly known).  Wit this new limitation, we now have to come up with another method to deliver these files to our customers.

    A little disappointing to say the least.

  • Pascal Turmel

    Please list of the media types allowed in this article. How are we supposed to figure this out apart from trial and error? Thanks


  • Mark Fly

    Please provide list of file types allowed. IN addition to that please explain how I may add a PDF or other document as an attachment


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