Announcing agent collaboration via @mention in messaging

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  • Amie Brennan

    Absolutely fantastic feature! It's nice to see this feature make a return into the new agent workspace and be usable with messaging. This was previously a live chat feature that was depreciated during the rollout of the new agent workspace. Lovely to see it's now back for Messaging. :)


  • Sagi Welzman

    Naina Mathur
    How can the requester distinguish between agents in native and/or social messaging conversations (such as WhatsApp)?  

  • Nick S

    Do we need to have Followers enabled to use this feature? We currently just have CCs and have not enabled Followers at this time. Would that be a pre-requisite to use this mention feature in Messaging?

  • 小林正左子

    Naina Mathur

    Don't set a feature that directly affects inquiry response to be on by default!
    No matter how many notices you guys give, we will never know how it will behave until we actually try it.
    We have told you before not to turn on new features by default, so why are you doing the same thing?

  • Kris
    Zendesk Luminary

    This rollout caught us off guard since it was enabled by default and we didn't get a notification. It is a welcome change, but I wanted to clarify that is appears anyone can reply to a Messaging conversation now whether assigned, mentioned, or just opening it directly. Is that the intended behavior?

    The latter is preferred by us though we will need to adopt to it as agents can no longer see they aren't assigned with the composer no longer being blocked. Ideally there would be some indication in the composer that you are replying to a conversation you are not assigned to.

  • Naina Mathur

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your feedback on the new mention feature. Here's a quick rundown:

    1. Distinguishing Channels: By toggling in the composer for public replies when an agent @ mentions, you can distinguish the channel you are responding to. The feature is available for both native and third party social messaging channels.

    2. Followers: No need for followers. Everyone can reply, but the follower field won't show if disabled. @mentioned agents and assignee notifications in this workflow will work as usual. Followers will not get notified.

    3. Opting Out: Don't want the feature. Head to Admin Center > Objects & Rules > Settings > Agent Collaboration for Messaging.

    4. Non-assigned agent replies: Anyone can reply, but check Admin settings and agent permissions for granular control. Existing permissions for interacting with users still apply. any non assignee can reply to a Messaging conversation.

    However, we recommend checking  Admin settings - if you choose to opt out. If you  prefer to have more control over accessing and editing tickets, then please check admin center team roles and ticket access permissions settings. Non assignee's ability to interact with the end user will adhere to the existing team roles and ticket access permissions.

    We're always listening and working to improve. 


    Naina Mathur

    Product Management, Messaging



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