Announcing support for omnichannel unified and custom agent statuses in Explore live reporting

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  • Tobias Hermanns

    Nice to see the progress!

    Also good that the "bar" of capacity is back!

    What I am still missing, is an option to save some custom status.

    Currently we need to due a Custom Status based on Option i.e.

    Lab Test

    What I am looking for is just one generic option:
    "Custom Status"
    And Agent can self type their reason
    Working on XY
    In Orange Meeting Room
    Private Time need

    We can´t have "detailed" custom status for each scenario.

    This could help Teamleader to see in Explore Live reporting diirectly, what team is doing:

    Jimmy > "Custom Status" > I need call XY soon
    Mark > Prepare Lab for Jira 1919
    Jasmine > Shopping in City, back 1:30

    I hope such concept can implement in future.





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