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  • Atanas Tomov


    So within a single dashboard tab, you may only add 35 components which includes reports, time, data filters, bookmarks etc?

  • Tobias Hermanns

    +1 does it mean Reports / Live Widgets or also Filter?

  • Paul K

    Why create this as a restriction rather than just including a warning of some sort to the user so they can make the decision themselves?

    For example, a user goes to add a 36th component to a tab in a dashboard, then a warning appears to say "It is recommended to only use 35 components per tab in a dashboard. Adding more components may negatively impact the loading times of this tab.".

    I really don't understand forcing a restriction like this, instead of notifying the user and leaving them to make the decision.

  • Anastasia Kachanova

    +1 for Paul's comment

  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Atanas,

    Yes, that's correct. In the beta dashboard builder, there's a limitation where within a single dashboard tab, you can only add a maximum of 35 components. These components encompass various elements such as reports, time filters, data filters, bookmarks, and others. Exceeding this limit will prevent you from adding additional components to that specific tab.

    Hi Paul,

    Implementing a restriction instead of a warning is often done to maintain smooth performance and usability. By setting a clear limit, it helps prevent potential slowdowns or errors due to excessive component use. However, providing a warning message could also be helpful to inform users of potential issues before they exceed the limit. Both approaches have their pros and cons, balancing system constraints and user experience. 

    Once this feature is officially released, our developers can review and consider your input since the current version is still in beta. Thank you for sharing your feedback with us!
  • Paul K

    Hi Elaine,

    Thanks for the reply!

    Both approaches have their pros and cons, balancing system constraints and user experience. 

    I'm afraid I disagree with you wholeheartedly there. Provided the warning is very clear in its message, I don't see any downside to letting users decide whether or not to exceed recommended component limits. Zendesk could even implement a prompt to make the user acknowledge that they're going over the limit. A permanent message/warning could even exist on the dashboard editor when the limit is exceeded. There are multiple ways to advise users on recommended practices and the consequences of not following them, that don't involve implementing a complete restriction.

    I would agree that more than 35 components in a tab is arguably excessive and unnecessary; however, I still don't understand why a user should be entirely restricted from doing that if that's what they choose to do with a product that they pay for.

    I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the cons though, if you would like to share.

  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Certainly, Paul! You've raised some valid points, highlighting the importance of user autonomy and the potential for implementing clear warnings or prompts to guide user decisions regarding recommended component limits. While restrictions can be seen as limiting user flexibility, warnings can serve as effective cautionary measures.
    Cons of imposing restrictions without warnings or user control might include:
    1. User Frustration: Users might feel restricted or limited without understanding the reason behind the restriction, leading to frustration or dissatisfaction with the product.
    2. Lack of Flexibility: For certain tasks or workflows that require more components, a strict restriction might hinder productivity or necessitate workarounds.
    3. Impact on Innovation: In some cases, strict limitations could deter users from exploring creative or innovative solutions that may require surpassing recommended limits.
    Your suggestion of clear warnings, prompts, or persistent reminders about exceeding recommended limits seems like a practical approach. It allows users to make informed decisions while keeping them aware of potential consequences without entirely restricting their actions.
    The balance lies in finding a solution that empowers users with information and guidance without excessively limiting their actions. Zendesk could consider implementing a hybrid approach that offers clear warnings or prompts while allowing users some level of control, enabling informed decision-making while safeguarding system performance and usability.
    Your perspective adds valuable insights to this discussion, emphasizing the need for a nuanced approach that balances user autonomy with system constraints.
  • Kelli Acosta

    Sharing my experience with the 35 component limitation:

    • There is an issue in beta builder where if you update a report in the dashboard (i.e. change a filter selection on the report itself, or change the default sort), it doesn't offer you the option to publish those changes. This has been an issue, and my workaround was to add a useless text field then delete it. This would give me the option to publish my changes. 
    • The 35 item limit was introduced, and I found that my workaround would no longer work because I had exceeded the limit. I adjusted my workaround to renaming a filter and then changing it back to publish report changes. That worked until I accidentally removed a vital filter (rename and remove are next to each other) and cannot now add it back to the existing dashboard. I have a single report that is wrong, but I cannot publish the correction for that report because it will remove the filter I accidentally deleted making the dashboard unusable. 

    You may ask why I haven't yet split the dashboard into tabs? I agree that would be a good idea except I cannot do that simply. I cannot move even a single component to a new tab, nor clone it. The only way I see to utilize the new tabs is to REBUILD everything. That is quite an undertaking, actually. It would be super helpful to either be able to drag and drop components to a new tab or at least be able to choose a button that says something like "Send to x tab."

    Holding out a small hope that you tell me I'm wrong, and there is an easy way to move components (or better groups of components) to a new tab. If not, this really, really is a painful experience. 

  • Tricia Pearson

    Kelli Acosta I have come across that same issue with my dashboard. The work around I found is to resize one of the reports then put it back to the size I want and it lets me publish the update at that point. 
    I would love the ability to clone my dashboard into another tab and not have to rebuild everything, I am in the process of create a master dashboard and it has taken so long because I have to rebuild them all into one with tabs. 


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